I don’t know too many kids who like getting shots. I don’t know too many adults who like getting shots. So when the time comes to pack up the van and take the kids to their 3 and 5-year old check-up, I am filled with anxiety and they are blissfully ignorant as to what is about to happen.

Sneak attack.

Sometimes it just has to be done.

For the greater good, it was better for everyone the children did not know, until moments before getting stuck, that needles were coming.

I rarely use the sneak attack move. In extreme cases ONLY would I ever advocate the sneak attack move.

However sometimes it MUST be done.

Senator Barack Obama needs to bust out a sneak attack move.

The unexpected, from left field, swift, shocking, borderline-evil sneak attack.

It’s for the greater good.

If Obama does not employ this parental and strategic hit, I can guarantee Senator Clinton will continue to act just like my children would have, had they known those immunizations were coming. They would have begged, stalled, attempted to change my mind, stalled some more, lied to get out of it, stalled again, and then odds are I’d have to carry one or both of them to the car in tears as I tried to tell them everything would be ok.

In the end they KNOW they are getting those shots. They realize it is GOING TO HAPPEN, yet they would do their best to wiggle and manipulate to stop the inevitable.

The sneak attack makes it easier on everyone. It saves myself the pain of going through the horrific process of getting to the doctor and it saves them the anxiety and desperation.

Senator Barack Obama the time is NOW for your sneak attack.

I know you have one.

Save us ALL the pain of going through this another day.

Senator Clinton is facing the inevitable and handling it like a spoiled child. You can feel free to let her know she will not be the nominee, but don’t expect this to be over until Summer. With more stalling, and lies, and desperation.

Or you sneak attack.

Cold cocked. Blindsided. Needle in arm before she knows what’s hit her.

There will be screams.

There will be tears.

Then we will all get on with our lives.


  1. I’m delurking because today I wrote about my daughter who desperately wanted to get a shot, the coincidence was just too much.

    Also, I completely agree with the sneak attack plan for Obama – he should make it quick, like ripping off a bandaid.

    And finally, I’ve been silently admiring your blog for some time, just so you know.

  2. So often, when I have thoughts swirling around in my head I haven’t the time (or the skill) to express, I read your blog and feel that wonderful combination of relief and joy that someone else gets it. So I don’t have to.

  3. see here’s the thing. Sen. Obama has been taking the high road, the EXTREME high road if you consider the things he could dig up about the Clintons. hell, anyone with Google and fingers could dig up more dirt on Hillary than you could shake a stick at. and this political nobility is costing him big time.

    this is why the Republicans are playing kissy-face with Hillary. this is why Bill-O had a lovely sit down chat with her, playing gentle devil’s advocate and letting her present her best populist pitch. they have the dirt and they’re holding on to it, they NEED her to win the nom so they can turn on her like a pile of rabid weasels.

    with Operation Chaos in full force, the opposition is doing their level damndest to get the worst Democrat nominated. they’ve used up most of the ammo they have on Sen. Obama, and none of what they have on Clinton, so if this gamble fails they are in BIG trouble. Sen. Obama knows what’s up, and he’s fully aware of what can be done to Clinton, so i can only sit back and hope that he and his excellent advisers are just waiting for the right moment to strike.

  4. I am sitting here in Indiana watching the news coverage of the primaries. It is almost midnight my time, but Lake county still isn’t in. I wish they would hurry up and report so Obama can have his “sweep” of the evening!!

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