Kicking Off BlogHer: my friends, and Katie Couric

Ok, I’m getting all geeked out. And listen, if you are not coming, drop me your phone number and we will call and pass the phone around. I’m not kidding either.

Check out Katie Couric giving a shout-out to those of us heading to San Francisco, with a special hello to my very good friends Sarah (who sang at my wedding, people) and Devra who are two of the five women making the cross country trip Katie speaks of.

Yeah, I’m getting a little misty.


  1. I needed this today. Thx.

  2. That? Was Awesome.

    Wish I was gonna be there, but I’ll see ya’all at BlogHer in Second Life!


  3. That just gave me all kinds of shivers!

  4. Pretty cool, ladies.

  5. Wow, that is something. I used to write at 5 in the morning before work and not let anyone ready it. It was crazy for me to start a blog, but it is so fun to be part of something bigger, with so many other women.

  6. We have to find a time to get together. We’re actually trying to do a Newsgang Live on Friday from BlogHer. Could you do it from 1-2 PM?

  7. Katie Couric is still evil. You will not change my mind on this one.

  8. I demand lots of phone calls. Seriously. I’ll DM you my number on Twitter.

  9. After all this time, and after knowing Katie was doing this video for us for weeks, I still think about Aaron every time I hear her name.

    (and why she is dead to him)

  10. Cannot wait for next week! I’ll happily loan out my phone to call people, too.

  11. I’m just itching to get on the road already! See you soon!!!!!!

  12. Awesome!

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