I Want It To Be Sebelius


She’s the Democratic Governor of KANSAS. You know that KANSAS and she’s getting things done.

Read more about Gov. Sebelius at MOMocrats, Huffington Post, Salon and the Governor’s official site.

Can this country handle that much change?

I sure hope so.

Mom, Governor, Blue Woman in a Red State…

Obama/Sebelius ’08!

*with all the Kaine and Biden talk, I just wanted to make sure it was clear who I was backing!


  1. The only reason I don’t want it to be Sebelius is that I think it would ruin her chances to run for President later.

  2. Uh…what are you talking about? Being VP ruins your chances at becoming President? I am very confused by this statement. As are the other 14 former Vice Presidents who became President.

  3. I’m with you on the Sebelius love. *crossing fingers*

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