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  1. Hey Erin,
    You looked great, articulate and DID NOT show how bad you must have felt. Was sorry to hear you fainted but glad to see you posted this and have arrived safely back to “hopefully” get some rest.
    (That’s the momma in me…)

  2. That’s so awesome. You did an excellent job.

    If you see Chuck tell him I said hi.

  3. Look at you being all cool as a cucumber! Very focused and articulate. Congrats.

  4. So freaking proud of you. Great job Erin.
    p.s. It took 2 hours to watch this! Damn dial up! 🙂

  5. Way to go! Awesome interview. Sorry to hear you got altitude sickness. Hubby & I are stuck home sick w/the flu, so I feel your pain. Hope you’re feeling better. Keep drinking lots and lots of water. Will stay tuned for more! (((((hugs))))

  6. Holy Cow, Erin – you did a GREAT job in this interview!

  7. GREAT JOB -! Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Whoa, you were sick??? OMG, so couldn’t tell–you just blew me away. Congrats on a superb job:-) One of the best convention commentaries I’ve seen thus far.

    Hope you feel better real soon:-(

  9. Wonderful interview! I never would have guessed you were under the weather at the time. Hope you feel better.

  10. what an awesome interview! you didn’t let on at all that you were having altitude sickness.
    hope you are feeling much better today and for the rest of the conv.

  11. Great interview. You have such a wonderful presence on camera…you looked like a pro! Way to go!

  12. GREAT interview! Hope to meet you in person at the RMBB tomorrow night!

  13. you are awesome. i couldn’t even tell that you were feeling yucky…hope you feel better and have a great time!!!

  14. How cool is that. I always like reading your perspective on these things, and now everyone watching CNN gets to hear it too. Stay hydrated lady!

  15. Friggin’ smell YOU!

    Just read about the fainting. Always gotta’ one-up everyone, Erin, don’t ya?

    Have fun. Wish I were there, and you were here.

  16. Congrats! Terrific interview Erin.

  17. You are smart and well-spoken of coarse and that comes first, but is it sexist of me to say that you also look great? Well, I’ll go ahead and say it – you look great!

    I’m sorry about getting sick, I hope you feel better soon.

  18. You so clearly weren’t biased, LOL, ha-ha.

    You are actually glowing in this video and you got over 6 minutes. He was acting like a sschool boy, “This is all new for me..” etc. Loved watching this video.

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