Dear Senator McCain, Why Not Just Piss On Detroit ala a Calvin And Hobbes Bumper Sticker

…because it would be less painful. And messy.

I actually caught your interview not too long ago on WXYZ in Detroit.  You know, the one where you said you’ve bought American literally your whole life?


Let me break this down for you as only a girl born and raised in Michigan can:

If you’ve literally bought American your whole life, ‘Sheed is an anger management expert.

Even if we DON’T count the Toyota your daughter owns (the one you bragged about buying her and then tried to tell us you didn’t buy) you still have a VW, a Lexus, and a Honda.

The last I checked, those cars are not made by any of the people I grew up with , my family members, or my neighbors from back in the day.

But let’s go ahead and pretend what kind of car(s) you own isn’t a big deal. Heck, we own a Prius in this house. We own a Family and Friends deal Chrsyler too…but, I digress. Let’s just get to the real meat of the issue and hear your plans to save the city in which I spent my youth.

Oh, that’s right. You don’t have any.

As I hear it, you’ve failed to support American auto manufacturers with loans to help them build the next generation of fuel efficient vehicles. And just like in your WXYZ interview, you LIED to Michigan and claimed to support these loans, but you actually have a record of opposing them. The first time they came around, you flat out denied them. You even went as far as to dismiss the idea last month as “predicting failure on the part of the automakers.”

Did I mention here the Obama family only owns one car? A Ford hybrid.

Did I also mention Senator Obama has a plan that includes NEW jobs for Detroit and a revitalization of the auto industry? Oh, and a nice plan for our Great Lakes just to put some icing on that cake….

No lies there. Just solid plans. Bold plans.

What did Michigan get from you, Senator McCain? A few speeches and stops at our nuclear (which your running mate can’t pronounce) plants.

Senator, you lied to Michigan. You lied to Detroit. You lied to my friends. You lied to my family.

And now they all know.


  1. You’re like an amazing, beautiful, fiery Valkyrie.

    If only you realized all the republicrats were the problem and neither candidate is going to be able to do anything they’re promising without dumping America deeper and deeper into debt.

    Maybe next election you’ll go third party and REALLY make a difference.

  2. This is why McCain is no longer allowed to make public statements. He has not a clue what to say, and he just blurts out whatever. Gee, that’s what I want in a President.

  3. And Sen. Obama hasn’t lied during this campaign?

  4. As a fellow female born and raised in Detroit, I absolutely agree and can only hope and believe that enough will feel the same in November. Great post, keep them coming!

  5. Please oh please don’t let voters of the Great State of Michigan fall for this typical Republican deceit.

    Erin, great meeting you this weekend at blog world. Is Kid Rock a democrat?

  6. Gee when I was growing up in Detroit a Cadillac was a car for the Elite.

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