Dear Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida…

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO rocks my world.

h/t Culture Kitchen

*looks like maybe Michigan can refrain from watching…John McCain no longer cares about that state


  1. Got here from Twitter. These are some great videos you’ve posted. I like the John McCain defending Sarah Palin’s experience one below too. I’ve noticed too that people are not talking about the race issue. That was a good speech and I’m forwarding it on.

  2. Wow. That just rocked my world.

  3. Ohio here.
    Thanks for posting this awesome video!

  4. cheapsuits says:

    WOW! what passion. This is so worthy of being sent to all my friends. Thank you!

  5. Damn.

  6. Rocks my world, too. Thank you for putting it up!

  7. Andy Jackson says:

    I can think of a good reason, from Obama’s website:
    “Families making over $250,000 would pay the 1990s
    marginal income tax rates – of 39.6 and 36 percent – and capital gains and dividend tax rates of 20%.”

    Let’s cut taxes for all people, and make the capital gains tax and death tax go away!

  8. This is the nice way for expressing all about the worth. Videos like that makes a great impact on the mind of the people and these can also change the things in world that are currently happening.

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