I Need YOU To Help This ClassRoom. Please

When BlogHer decided to participate in the DonorsChoose Challenge, I immediately began surfing the projects HOPING there was a classroom somewhere wanting to learn politics. I know, half of you just rolled your eyes. But please hear me out.

I remember doing straw polls in elementary school, back when we didn’t use the computers in the back for anything more than an Oregon Trail trip. Now anything, everything, and everywhere is at a child’s fingers and they can learn about Senator Barack Obama, Senator John McCain and the entire election process.

So excuse me while I get a bit geeky over Mrs. F’s 1st grade in Mississippi. Mrs. F wants to set up a “Presidential Corner’ in the room with a laptop and some election materials she has already bought such as a ballot box, maps with flags, tally charts, stickers for voting, and some children’s books related to voting.

What they really need is that laptop.

Mrs. F writes,

My students will use the laptop specifically for but not limited to just the elections. It is important for our students to know there is a big world out there that they can be a part of and that they too can be a part of making history. Who knows…maybe one of them will be president one day.

Wouldn’t you love to hear 20-30 years from now a President of the United States say that he or she would not have made the choice to aspire to be what he has become today if it hadn’t been for that year in first grade when his teacher created the “Presidential Corner” with this cool Laptop that he was actually able to touch and use as much as he wanted and that memory had always stayed in his mind? Don’t you want to be a part of making history?

Yes Mrs. F, I am convinced we do want to be a part of making history. And I want to help you get that laptop.

BlogHers, please donate to Mrs. F’s Presidential Corner. Even $1 goes a long way. I know times aren’t easy for any of us right now, but you can forgo that ONE vanilla latte today so that we can inspire a future president.


  1. I donated what I would have spent on a fast food lunch today, and if I don’t stop for dinner on the way to your house tonight I will donate that tonight as well. Thanks for bringing this out.

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    We’ve got tons of food coming Adrienne- dont stop! and come early if you want to beat traffic!

  3. Hmm.. would it help to just donate a laptop instead?

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