My Mom Is Changing The World (and you are too)

I’m feeling very empowered right now, so either run or duck.

I realize I get this way a lot…but something hit me today on the way home from BlogHer DC where I spent a day with hundreds of women (and a few men) plotting our world domination. (what? that’s totally what we do when we get together…you didn’t know that?)

I keep thinking about my mom*.

I know that sounds strange, she’s not a blogger or anything. But as I sat on my panel saying the things I also said at other conferences to audiences…my whole spiel about how womens’ power and influence now have the candidates courting us, not us going after them…how we’re dictating the news cycle…and how our work is actually making a difference….yada yada yada…

It hit me that my MOM is my one, Florida-living, Nana-microcosm of exactly what I mean.

Reading blogs (my Mom is a hesitant** reader of Queen of Spain, an avid reader of BlogHer, and she’s now a fangirl of MOMocrats -she thinks you momo’s are ‘sassy’ and ‘I just LOVE them’ about 50 times per phone conversation) my Mom has gained her own empowerment in this election and it pushed her out the door and to her local Obama HQ.

My Mom.

My Mom who always voted but that was about it. My Mom would tell my Dad and Uncle to stop arguing about politics and come eat. My Mom who now calls ME to yell about something she reads or sees.

Erin, uuuuuuugh I just couldn’t stand the look Palin got on her face when she answered that question…and she didn’t even ANSWER IT! ugh!

My Mom who went from volunteering to do a few phone calls for Obama, hesistant…to now attending volunteer BBQ’s and knocking on over 150 doors.

My. MOM.

She now knows, as do I…that she’s making a difference in Florida. When the latest poll came out, I very seriously said ‘It’s ALL Nancy! If Obama wins Florida, it’s because of Nanc!’

But that’s what’s happening everywhere. Using the tools of the web, people like MY MOM..the NONblogger, NONpolitico are getting fired up and doing what they can to make sure their voice is heard.

My Mom has been heard in Florida.

The woman sitting in the second to last row who submitted a question during a panel at BlogHer ’07, had THAT question, HER question, answered by Senator Obama on

A group of women blogging on this whacky world wide web can command the attention of each campaign, of the main stream media, and sit our sassy asses on CNN to tell THEM our expert opinion.

I always knew one person could make a difference. I always believed that if people wanted change, it really could happen. I always preached about the potential power we had in this space and at this time…But I honestly had never seen it in action until now.

Right now.

It’s amazing and I am empowered.

I hope you are too.

*..and apologies to my mom for not asking her first if I could blog this…but it’s too late to call Florida. Sorry Mom. But I hope it helps that you are totally a rockstar for getting out there and making a difference.

**…if you were my mom you’d probably be a hesitant reader of me too, ’cause lord only knows what I’ll say next.


  1. kudos to your mom!

  2. HI NANCY!

    You know even my mom (the lifelong Republican) is voting for Obama this time. I think Florida stands a good chance of going blue this year.

  3. Gosh Erin, I’m thinking I’m probably spittin’ distance (age-wise) with your mom. And, I can tell you this election for me, reminds me of the 60’s. BEFORE, we had Watergate and everyone was still hopeful that change could come about through the peaceful (well…some demonstrations aside..)
    change of government. Obama is like a drink of cold water on a hot, summer day. BTW, that metaphor is about his style and what he represents, not his looks (but ya’ll can read whatever you want into it!!)

  4. Moms are wonderful, aren’t they? My mom went from often not voting to actually changing her registered party from Republican to Democrat to be able to cast a vote for a Democratic candidate in the Pennsylvania primaries. Change is a beautiful thing.

  5. You Rock, Nancy!

    I volunteered my heart out in Boca Raton for the 2004 elections…I lived and breathed the elections. Blogged about early voting in Palm Beach County where elderly folks with oxygen tanks stood in line…STOOD IN LINE…for up to 4 hours to be able to early vote. Man, it was tough. And when we lost? I was devastated.

    I am so impressed by your actions and words and drive and sheer willpower to effect change.

    So you go Nancy!! Thanks for keeping the fight going in my former home state.

    And thanks for raising such an awesome daughter as well!

  6. I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom during BlogHer either. Less about politics and more about my job in ‘digital media’ and the effect it has had on her life. She is now running a business as an online travel agent, she is on Twitter, and she just bought a domain for her new blog. Blows me away! I can only hope that she follows some of the amazing ladies that I read/follow and continues to be influenced by the greater good. PS: had the conference made it to New Orleans, she would have gone…so, I’m definitely bringing her to the annual one next summer!

  7. My mom is the same way! She used to always tell me that pretty girls did not have to read and be smart. And I used to tell her that looks fade…now, she’s calling up her friends in Texas and having heated discussions with them about voting FOR Obama! And she’s watched every single debate and READS the New York Times, the LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal. I’m so proud.

  8. i loved this post … and even got misty eyed. it is our moms who first stood up and said “i deserve equal pay”; who raised daughters empowered enough to say “hey, listen to me, i matter and i have something to say”; who raised sons who think it would be odd for their sister or wife or daughter to not have a point of view … let’s face it ladies: MOMS ROCK!

    thanks for putting it out there; off to call my mom to say Thanks!

    (and, this comment was written by someone who is not a mom but very much appreciates hers, sometimes not as vocally as she should)

  9. What a great post about your Mom! Mine has been gone for eleven years now but if sshe was still here I have a feeling she would at the very least have changed her party affiliation, and talked and talked to friends about how important this election is and what great changes could happen with an Obama presidency. Going to go get some kleenex to wipe away tears, you are so lucky to be able to share all of this.


  10. Your mom ROCKS! I wish I could get my mom off her butt and vote, or care for that matter. My mom, who probably won’t qualify for a mortgage to buy a house of her own and move out of mine (as much as my family love her being with us!), and won’t have a penny left in her retirement fund or have Social Security to fall back on. She of all people needs to care, and she doesn’t, and I’ve failed her as a daughter not to inspire her. Erin, it is a rare day that a daughter learns from her mother, and even more rare that a mom learns from her daughter. Vote on sista…vote on!!

  11. What an amazing post! It’s easy to forget, I think, that the power of words really can be transformative. All that you’re blogging and Twittering about this election really and truly effects the thinking of tons and tons of people, one at a time, and it is just so cool to read about the effect on your Mom. I know so many women who are in action this year, reading everything they can get their hands on, volunteering, striking up conversations with whoever crosses their paths. This (still very new) medium and great and powerful voices like your are showing us that we can each make change (we need) happen. Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!

  12. But of course the only person who could kick a–I mean, butt, more than Queen of Spain would be Empress of Spain. (Hi Nancy!)

    The good apple doesn’t fall from from the good tree.

    Kudos to you and the other MOMocrat, the Grandmomocrat! Single-handedly turning Florida blue, w00t!

  13. Wow, can my mom talk to your mom? lol
    Her and my sister both do not seem to think with their own minds, it seems they’d rather use their husbands brain for that. Arghhh. I can actually feel the cringe in my moms voice when I talk about how much of an ass Bush is….almost Edith Bunker-ish. (you know, in her day you didn’t question your president OMG)

    Thanks for letting me know that there IS SOME HOPE for her in the future! LOL

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