Thank You, Colin Powell

but I am curious if this will change any minds…I sure hope so


  1. Colin Powell for President!! That should sway a lot of Republicans. He is such an admirable man. Well said!

  2. I know! I stood up and cheered him on while watching Meet the Press this morning.

  3. If McCain had said what Powell did, regarding the rumors that Obama is Muslim or Arab, he could have gained so much respect.

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    I agree Kathy. But saying instead that ‘no no, he’s a decent family man’ paraphrasing was just…well, awful

  5. Muslim Americans – damn straight, Colin. Damn. Straight.

  6. Colin Powell is so eloquent and so respected. I hope this will allow other Republicans to see that it is ok to go against your party when it is the right thing to do. Pretending that you think Mrs. Palin is capable of being President is not necessary; they can be honest with themselves. No one will know who they voted for and it doesn’t make them a bad person or a bad Republican.

  7. Thanks for posting that, I was gone all day and missed it! Arghhh.

    I don’t know how much good it will do. I’d like to think that the people who claim to be undecided are just morons. Duh, 3 weeks out, how the hell can you be undecided? But having the support of Powell is BIG, very big. He should be able to sway those who claim to be on-the-fence. He’s got mega power and respect from both parties.

    Awesome endorsement right there!

  8. I must admit Powell lost credibility with me in his service in the Bush administration. I am still puzzled by his statements and actions as Secretary. Thank goodness this sounds like the Colin Powell I can once again respect.

  9. Thank goodness for a man as noble and courageous as Colin Powell. As this campaign has worn on I’ve lost sight of the fact that there are still some people of good judgment and good sense left in the U.S.

  10. Why Gen. Powell joined the GOP is still a mystery to me, and their treatment of him in San Diego was criminal.

    Still, he is now GOP, and needs to watched carefully.

  11. Amen, sister! I immediately called my mother, a long-time Powell supporter, to see if he could sway her. I hope so!

  12. How many far left liberals has Colin Powell supported before Obama?

  13. I think it will change minds. Just a few weeks ago, I was one of those undecideds, as was my husband, and it would’ve changed both our minds. I heart Colin Powell.

  14. When I saw Colin Powell speak live it was at a self-improvement pitchfest of a seminar at a huge arena venue, wearing his military best and acting like he wasn’t shilling. And yet…he’s selling it like everyone else.

    (but I still like him)

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