Show Them

I’ll be taking my daughter and my son. I hope you take your kids too.


  1. Very cute video!! Funny thing is the original film they used is in currently circulation of the Detroit Public School system.

  2. We’ve always taken Agent M to the polls with one (me) or both of us. We walk there and it’s a big thing. I want it to be as important to her as it was to my immigrant grandparents.

  3. I’ve always taken my (3) kids to the polls! Stroller and all! 🙂 The video was cute! But the message is what’s so important! Good for you for spreading this around.

  4.…bring the kids, every child matters….women invited too.

  5. I have been taking my boys to the polls since they were infants clad in a “Mommy loves me too much to vote Republican” bib. Now they wear donkey or Obama shirts. I have also taken them to the Obama HQ in Raleigh to volunteer with me so they see the importance of civic duty and grassroots action from a young age. I am proud to report that my kindergartener voted for Obama at his school’s Kids Voting yesterday!

  6. I’ve taken my son to the voting booth with me several times. And I always stress how important it is to vote. And that if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain when you don’t like the winner!

    my last post about how I voted with my 2 and 4 year old. Memorable for all the wrong reasons!

  8. okay, erin, i loved this video too. i posted it and i even bought myself one of those t-shirts cuz i love them.

    then someone pointed it out to me that the lipstick thing could be misinterpreted…. help? what do you think…. (then again, i already paid $30 for the shirt)

  9. Queen of Spain says:

    I say we’re taking lipstick BACK baby. Read my lipstick, vote Obama!

  10. I took both of my kids to the voting booths with me this weekend. AND explained to them why I voted NO on Florida’s ban on gay marriage.

  11. I didn’t vote this year. I didn’t realize how important it was until AFTER, when my college put together a lecture on why voting is important.
    My mom never took me to the polls and nobody really talked about politics in our house, so I never really knew how it was important to vote – until now. Next year I will be voting, and I regret not voting this year.

    But I believe what this videos message is because I’m an example of what happens when you don’t educate your kids in politics.

  12. Great videos! That Show Me one reminds me of my friend’s post. I think you may enjoy it!

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