My Biggest Speaking Gig To Date

Today I faced my toughest crowd.


I told them all about my trip to DC to watch Barack Obama become our 44th President. I’m pretty sure they wanted to hear less about Obama and more about my plane ride.

At one point I was busting out gadgets to keep their interest.

The most successful part of my talk? Mentioning Malia and Sasha Obama…and the look of pride on my son’s face as the kids clapped when I finished.


  1. Very cute. I was working in an elementary school in France during the elections, and they kids would ask me questions about where Obama was from and where the White House was, but as soon as I drew out a map, all their attention would shift and they had to know the whereabouts of Miami so they could eventually break into the Will Smith song.

  2. You are a brave, brave women. I think I would have an easier time interviewing Barack Obama than talking to a class of kindergartners.

  3. Any person who would go in front of a group of kindergartners deserves a medal in my book. I’ve done it twice…and failed. Not only did I fail. I exploded into a ball of flames on impact and bounced three times before rolling to a stop.

  4. You ARE fearless. Nothing like having your son proud of you!

  5. That’s why you are my hero, seriously brave to take on Kindergarten! I have to show my girls this video…they were both there when you and your friend were doing your web show, LOL.

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