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It’s an issue I, like many Americans, don’t know enough about.

You see it on the news- a celebrity mentions the name or a non-profit begs for your attention. You hear about it on blogs, and when charity events roll around. But are you truly paying attention to Darfur? Do you really know what’s going on there?

I didn’t, that is until my interview with Suzie Armstrong of As I celebrated the inauguration of Barack Obama in DC I stopped by the Save Darfur offices to sit down with Armstrong to discuss the new administration, the ongoing efforts in the region, and most importantly how YOU can get involved. (*editor’s note: please turn up your volume, thank you)

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  1. Too many Americans DON’T know enough, if anything, about Darfur — yet the ones who do are already concerned that it’s no longer a “sexy” issue, that it’s already worn out its welcome in the minds of the Americans who do care.

    With a mostly insincere apology for self-promoting, my organization has been working with Save Darfur to send a million postcards to President Obama asking him to help end the genocide. I encourage you and anyone else who reads this to request a packet of postcards to fill out and have their coworkers/peers/friends/family fill out to join us!

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