What? It’s a novelty for us. We live in Southern California. Humor me.

My angels


  1. Last night in Ladera Ranch, it was in the hi 40’s. Down in San Diego, it was wet and cold. Brrrr!

    Okay. That’s it. I’m going back to New Jersey where the weather is normal!

  2. I can’t believe Southern Californians even own proper snow gear!

  3. we were on vacation in colorado. but we’re from socal and we are easily amused at the white wet stuff

  4. You have two of the cutest children ever.

  5. So happy they got to see the snow.

    Now that you are all back home, does your hubby still hate CO?

  6. Hey Queen,

    Glad you made it to Colorado, that’s P.U.B’s home. The Bloggers Union advises Publishers currently using or considering embedding Lijit Search into their content: Lijit’s viability as a functioning entity is questionable.

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  7. Thanks for stopping by Barney.

    I’m entirely confused by your concern with Lijit.

    #1 if Lijit were not viable, as you say…and were to disappear tomorrow- how exactly would I be at risk? Are you attempting to insinuate my blog would disappear? hahahahahaha. There is no threat to my content or anything else if that were the case. I would simply remove that tool bar up on top. and people would go back to using the google. I’m still laughing, btw.

    #2 Lijit isn’t using my content. In no way, shape, or form is my blog on lijit. It’s searchable VIA lijit. Search terms and search results are used by lijit. So if you are worried they are making money off my # 1 search term “mommyblogger business” then I suggest you also take up your case with google. Because holy shit! They are searching me too! And …OMG! They are making money off my content! At least Lijit does it better and make it about me and my blog, not the whole internet.

    #3 I gave lijit permission when I signed on. It’s there. In black and white. I clicked yes and everything. I can turn it off at any time. I never gave google permission and they seem to keep indexing my ass.

    #4 We all know who you are and that you are a disgruntled ex employee. As they say, word gets around.

    #5 I love Lijit and the fine people who work there. They have been NOTHING but transparent and honest in their dealings with bloggers. You sir, with your background WITH Lijit- have not.

    I”m being kind by leaving your comment up. It’s riddled with inaccurate statements- I suggest you correct them or face me banning your IP and deleting your sorry ass all together.

    Welcome to my blog.

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