BlogHer Backtalk: Epsisode 1 !!!

Go check out the full story at BlogHer Backtalk


  1. Really well facilitated were a real natch keeping up interest, varying content and generating targeted questions…Happy to see the launch of a new site for BH and vlogging…needed and valued. Prolly a different vibe than interviewing Obama..but you make both seem effortless…(do tell tho….are u on set or is that your huge kitchen? 🙂 )
    Have fun with these!!! and lookin’ fwd to more….It’s giving me a whole appreciation for what I’ll tell my folks if they ever wanna friend me 🙂

  2. Here’s my take on Facebook.

    Loved this first episode. It will be a matter of time before you become a demanding Diva on set.

  3. erin – what are you doing wearing that jacket indoors? seriously, great new engaging feature on blogher. nicely done.

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