Dress Watch: Day 4


I have gotten her bathed and new, clean clothes on UNDER…however we’re now on Day 4 and counting of the Great Pink Party Dress WEARATHON of 2009.


  1. My littlest is into running naked between a zillion wardrobe changes so I think you are ahead of the game actually getting clothes on her 😉

  2. I love the wearathon.

  3. Luckily I’m able to get my daughter out of the two dress-up dresses that she likes to wear around the house for when we go out somewhere, but I’m right there with you. For Halloween, we bought her a Barbie Diamond Castle Princess dress that she is OBSESSED with, and shortly after Christmas my sister-in-law passed down her daughter’s entire winter wardrobe from last year (she’s about 1 size ahead of Gracie) and in it was a really pretty red plaid holiday dress that Gracie freaks over as well. If we’re at home, chances are she’s wearing one or other – or crying her eyes out because she can’t find them.
    Aren’t girls great????!

  4. At least you can’t say she’s not getting her money’s worth out of it.

  5. Well, NO WONDER! Its a rockin’ princess dress! I’d wear it every day too, if it came in a 14!

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