A Day In The Life

I had an entire post written this morning about how hard it is to work from home. It was complete with video of the kids interrupting me 40 times and me hitting mute on my conference call so professionals couldn’t hear iCarly in the background.

I scrapped it. Gone. Deleted.

Because sometimes I need to quit bitching and realize how lucky I am.

My office isn’t that bad afterall-



  1. Amen, sister. It’s good to give ourselves permission to tally the good. Nice office!! SLM

  2. I have been feeling this same way lately. It’s so easy to complain about crap, but it takes a minute to stop and look at how good things really are. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Karen Cohen says:

    Yes! There are times when we must push the work agenda past the maternal demands, however surrendering to the moment, the bliss of our kids love & happiness embraces a deeper wisdom. Jobs, projects, tasks come and go, but you’ll always be their Mom. Enjoy and brava! PS. cute office-mates!

  4. I am seething with envy. 😉

  5. Your office is awesome. Wanna trade?

  6. Love this post! So true.

    Can I please come work from your office? I need some sun. 🙂

  7. Good point. 🙂

  8. I love that moment of realization when I open my eyes and really remember how good I’ve got it. I had it yesterday as I was Mom Taxi. I have only about 6 years left to be Mom Taxi and if I wasn’t working for myself then they wouldn’t get to go all over and spend so much time with friends and family. So yes, I stopped bitching yesterday about some things as well. Totally un-natural for me and my husband will probably think something is seriously wrong with me health wise for it. LMBO

  9. awwwww. that IS pretty sweet.

  10. A-men!

  11. MiniMe has taken to telling me to, “…Quit your belly-aching. Momma!”

  12. What is this “quit bitching” thing of which you speak? I know it not.

  13. I have a draft in the hopper about the 50+ things I did to prepare for our last vacation versus the 5 things my husband did. Sometimes it’s very satisfying to go ahead and *write* the complain-y post, even when you know you’re not going to publish it.

  14. What a great picture!

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