Headed Home

We’ve been away 3 weeks. I’ve never been more anxious to sleep in my own bed. But first, a recap:


Gramps and Hala

I am so glad we didn't leave for Chicago yet!!!!!


Chicago and BlogHer ’09:

#blogher09 community keynote


#blogher09 with Valerie Jarrett

West Virginia:

The frog is still alive




  1. wow…look at their faces…says so much. they’re gonna remember roadtripping to see grandparents. and so much more….they aren’t gonna remember what felt hard…look at the last 3…those are gonna be photos they look at 10 years from now and remember a fun roadtrip. tx too for the photos showing the dignity and substance that IS BlogHer. safe journey home..

  2. Glad to hear you’re out of the hospital and most honored that I made it into your BlogHer roundup. Love you lady and sending you the most healthy of vibes! XOXOX

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