Friday MUST Reads

Some posts to NOT be missed today:

Lisa Stone at BlogHer announces a partnership with and the Sunlight Foundation inviting women to talk about health care online.

Stefania, aka CityMama, gets named an honorary Detroiter in my book. She took a tour of a Ford plant in Chicago and left with an amazing story and a heartfelt post.

And please enjoy

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  1. Wonderful hon!! Thanks so much for sharing the links and the video’s. Gotta love Jon Stewart.


  2. I really liked CityMama’s Ford post too!

  3. I saw the Jon Stewart clip, but my DVR didn’t record Colbert (grr…), so thank you for that. It was fantastic.

  4. Making sure that everyone has access to health care isn’t going to fix the fact that hospitals push you out the door. In fact, it’s only going to make it worse, because the number of people seeking medical attention will grow and the available space in hospitals and clinics will shrink.

    Bottom line is we don’t have enough doctors, staff and facilities to take care of everyone. It’s really sad, but entirely true.

    Sigh…I wish we could just take some time and think this whole thing over before we act irrationally and create more problems for future generations.

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