How My House Votes

Go vote. Make your voice heard. Then look at cute puppy and kid photos.

For instance:

My boys

I really hope my son doesn’t grow up to be a Republican, and that having a cute dog helps.


This one may be a Republican for a while just to spite me … but she’s already a kick-ass fighter for women’s rights telling her brother “You don’t get to be the boss just because you’re a boy…”

To which her brother replied: “That’s fine Hala, I’ll just use my Jedi mind tricks on you…but they probably won’t work on you because you have a strong Force.”

Jedi training

And then of course… the moral of the day… bipartisanship.


Go vote California.


  1. I had a little boy say to me on the playgroud yesterday after he did a trick on the slide, “It’s ok, but it can hurt your wiener.” Little girls walks by and says, “That’s why it’s awesome to be me, no wiener to hurt.” and she did the trick.
    .-= amanda´s last blog ..Can it be? =-.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omg Amanda I love that

  3. My 5 year tole me she HAD to get married.I went on a long tangent about you don’t have to get married blah blah blah. Then she told me she had to get married because you would cook her dinner.
    She will also be a republican to spite me. I just know it.
    .-= Mandi Bone´s last blog ..Rules are for following =-.

  4. that dog is black it looks blue! I seriously thought it was a toy dog. No! I am not being racist here!! 😛
    .-= Roshni´s last blog ..Class Act =-.

  5. “And then of course… the moral of the day… bipartisanship”

    Ahahaha!! love the look on the cat’s face!!!
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  6. My son was the token Republican at CSU Chico when he first enrolled. Since I have always straddled the middle of the whole ideological debate, I found his right-wing tendencies amusing and perplexing. Funny what a little education does for you – the boy is a moderate democrat, just like his mother.

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