Because Sparklers Are Evil

If there is one thing I have learned in this lifetime- it’s that you never, ever, shoot off fireworks at home.


I’m sitting here struggling with the fact that I can’t take my kids to the local fireworks show this year. Just 10 days post-op and there is no way I can sit in a lawn chair, or the back of the van, in a mall parking lot for hours on end waiting for the professional ‘ooohs and aaaahs.’

But what are my alternatives? I spent too my years at my uncle’s house as a kid where the drunken grown-ups would blast store-bought fireworks… frequently misfiring and landing them near us kids. I can vividly remember a bottle rocket landing near my short-short laden inner thigh as a tween. (btw, nice job Mom and Dad)

I’ve also spent too many years as a reporter, doing the yearly story at the fire station where they demonstrate what those store bought fireworks can do on some unsuspecting stuffed dummy.

Poof. Flames. And then the endless rattling off of stats of just how many ER visits and deaths shooting off your own fireworks cause.

So I sit here wondering how to give my kids a fun 4th of July while I can’t even manage to sneeze or cough without cringing in pain.

Sparklers even seem like evil balls of fire.

I’d love your suggestions on how we can celebrate the 4th. My kids have seen the professional, local show every year since they were born… so I really would like to do something special. How do you celebrate at your house?


  1. So you get the fireworks and make sure a non-drunk adult who is responsible shoots them off.
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  2. We are going to the Tigers game tomorrow night at Comerica Park. They will have fireworks after the game. Do you have a ballpark that does this? (Minor leagues have them too). Can you sit for a baseball game…or arrive halfway through?

    We only use Sparklers at home. I’ve seen too many injuries to deal with any of the other stuff.

    I hope you are feeling better soon, Erin.

  3. 1. Get your husband, other family member, or friend to take them to the professional show.


    2. Buy some artillery shells, bottle rockets, and sparklers and shoot them yourself, non-drunk. They are perfectly safe when handled properly.

  4. I think I’m a prude for fearing at home fireworks even when non-drunk

  5. My father was a firefighter for 30 years. I’ve heard plenty of stories of fireworks causing injuries or even death, so I know what you’re talking about. It could happen to anyone, alcohol or not. We might be going to a small display at the camp where I work. We normally grill out as well.

    I know this may sound odd, but this was the first thing that popped into my head. Set up an old bed sheet – hang it up or on ground and have them splatter paint on it using squeeze bottles, sponges, brushes… their feet, etc. – kind of an artistic fireworks display that will last long after the holiday.
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  6. I know you have a pool! LOL! Last year I got those foam visor hats and foam stickers and all of the kids, even the 2 yr old made their own hats. Decorate the backyard for the 4th, play some pool games, make hot dogs & burgers! Someone in the neighborhood will have some fireworks for them to see. Enjoy some good old fashion family time at home!
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  7. Send them off with friends to watch the show so you can relax and have a quiet evening in. 🙂

  8. Hey Erin, last year we drove up to the West Ranch parking lot at sunset. It’s not busy and you can see the whole valley from there. We watched all the displays from Castaic Lake down. They open the bathrooms up and some people set off fireworks safely in the upper lot.

    The year before we took a drive along the 126 from Ventura back to Santa Clarita at sunset. We saw about 15 displays as we drove through. It was lovely.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Get over it, sweetie. Look at what G does EVERY YEAR:
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  10. Dude. You live in a digital world – get someone to Livestream it for you. Sit by your pool, watch the fireworks on the laptop.
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  11. I agree with the let the hubs or a friend take them. Barring that, fireworks at home can be done safely if you have the space in your neighborhood – we do them most years space allowing.

  12. Does one of your local TV stations broadcast the fireworks?
    When my kids were too little for the noise & crowds, we would create a picnic atmosphere in our living room. Move furniture back, blankets and sand chairs on the floor, the same food/drinks that we would normally take with us, etc… We turned all the lights out, only the TV on, then we would cuddle up and watch the fireworks.

  13. Fogspinner says:

    We always shoot off fireworks at home. The professional show here is ummm… lacking at best, and that’s when it’s not total obscured by the fog. You reminded me, we have to go buy some. Oh and please, remember I live in CA, Land where no firework shoots higher than 5′ unless illegal and smuggled from some state that has COOL fireworks.

  14. Jenwingard says:

    The local children’s museum here in Houston is doing a 21 Coke salute by dropping Mentos in bottles of Coke. It’s supposed to make quite the fountain/explosion but it is science-y and safe. Could be exciting.

  15. Sometimes we try so hard to protect our kids that we take all the fun out of growing up. We had fireworks as kids and we still are alive. Tho we had our share of mishaps. My kids are too curious- if I don’t give them something they will blow up half of California. Oh my teen son has attempted that with gun powder.
    The stuff you can buy is pretty safe and pretty – let them enjoy!!!!

    have a great 4th – glad to meet your btw
    moon *smiles*

  16. Umm… if your kids were older I’d say send them by themselves. But since they’re so young, maybe not the best idea.

    If you have a fire pit (and are allowed to burn stuff in it) you can get that powder stuff that turns flames blue or green or red. Or you can all take turns throwing flour onto the fire and see if you can get a giant fireball. (just keep the dog away from the flame!)

    This is what we get up to when we’ve got nothing better to do…
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