We’ve Only Just Begun

When I was diagnosed with Lupus in August, my husband and I weren’t exactly sure what to do. We didn’t know much about SLE Lupus (I knew nothing, Aaron knew people died from it) and we certainly felt as if we had zero control over what was happening to our lives. Lupus was in charge.

First tears of the day with @aaronvest #suckitlupus

Enter the LA Marathon, Lupus LA, and fate.

I was surfing, trying to educate myself on the disorder, and I came across a 5k as part of the larger LA Marathon. And there was a team raising money for Lupus research.

In a sea of confusion and having no idea what we could do with this new ‘Lupus’ diagnosis, it seemed like signing up to raise money…to do something positive, gave us some peace of mind. Something tangible we could do to help. Hell, just something we could do, period.

That was in August.

Today Aaron and I have raised over $8,000 and counting, and this morning Aaron ran the race in under 30 minutes. Not bad for a guy who hasn’t been able to consistently train.

My man finished unofficially under 30!!! #suckitlupus

And me? Well, I had hoped to be well enough by now to walk the 5k. Unfortunately I’m not. But I symbolically started the race, and finished…even if I sat and waited by the finish line on a nice bench under a tree.

My bench #suckitlupus

It wasn’t much. Just a 5k and just some fundraising. But it gave us something to hold on to, it gave us something we COULD do. It just gave us…something.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you that has donated to help us find a cure. And to those of you who simply cheered us on.

You still have 90 days to make a donation and might I suggest you make your donation to MY fundraising page, not Aaron’s…because I like winning.


  1. Congrats to both of you…. Still praying and raising on this end. ANd may I say that this photo of Aaron and his smile brought tears to my eyes….

  2. So proud of you guys. xo

  3. You know what? Just the fact you could be present and not laying in a bed at home or in the hospital is a REALLY big deal! And that husband of yours is pretty awesome too….that smile is of a man who loves his wife with everything in him and that’s pretty darn awesome. You win just having each other through this fight!

  4. What has been said x2 for me. Admire your courage, resolve and truly loving partnership as you both say #suckit to Lupus.

  5. Julie Zeppa says:

    Erin It’s been along time since I have seen u? U can tell how much your husband loves u and would do anyting for u. Next time ask your husband to carry u and his back so u could race to. I’m sure he will not mind. It looks like he has a very strong back.. ha ha

  6. Way to go, Erin and Aaron! I’m so proud of you for being there.

    I remember my first walk for breast cancer after being diagnosed – I had to stop and rest so many times, and it was only a mile. It took me a long time to realize that I was just lucky to be there.

    I hope seeing all the support for people fighting the disease, and for research to cure it, was a positive experience for you.

  7. You guys rock !!!

  8. You both are an inspiration. Keep up the good fight.

  9. What a handsome loving man! Congrats on the stellar fundraising campaign! Very impressive!

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