The Death of Osama bin Laden

But Mom…how do people get evil? Are they always evil? Do they get born evil or does something turn them evil?

Did our soldiers get killed? Why did we kill him? Why did the President have him killed? Why are so many people so happy about killing him?

But why do they hate us so much? Why do we hate them? Why would those men do that? Did they jump out of the planes before they crashed into the buildings? Why would they die too? Why would they do that Mom?

How did we kill him? Why would they make jokes about shooting him in his eyes? Are they yelling U-S-A U-S-A because we won?

Mom, does this mean the wars are over now?


  1. It’s so hard to explain to kids. My boys are 7 & 5. Their Dad has been in the Army since 1999. He has been gone at least 6-8 months every year of their life. Their first question, “Does this mean Dad gets to come home?” I didn’t even try to explain anymore. I let them have an extra half hour on their ipods.

  2. Lucretia Pruitt says:

    I honestly haven’t said a word about it to the kidlet. There is time enough in life to learn the complexities of politics and nationalism and war. Today was May Day at school. There were flowers and songs.
    I know that it’s different for each family – particularly those with a parent deployed or lost. But here? It was not an event. Just the death of one horrid, coldhearted bastard. The world has a large supply of those.

  3. I’m 33 and I have a lot of the same questions. Can you post your answers? 😉

  4. Al_Pal says:

    Oh, man. Tough world to be raising kids in, especially when media is such a huge part of your life. Sympathy.

  5. My father was in WWII, he was also in the Korean conflict. My oldest brother was in the Navy for 20 years. My second brother spent four years in the Army and another 4 in the Navy. My children were always told about my dad’s medals (he had a bunch of them and my mom had them framed and, well, kid questions) and how he earned them. We have discussed each “war” (my oldest brother was in Desert Storm) and what the people they loved experienced. They have also been taught not to hate someone because of their faith or beliefs. My children are quite a bit older than yours and they have formed their own beliefs (which is what I raised them to do). While I am glad the man is gone I don’t think that it’s truly going to change much that is going on and our men and women will still face danger every day. I don’t envy you having to answer such questions. It may be the mother in me but I truly don’t like that children have to be faced with this. I suspect my mother and grandmother felt the same way. Much luck to you in answering their questions. You are an amazing mother.

  6. Everyone is born evil, they get good.


  7. I’m with Lyndsay, a grown-up who is asking myself those same questions.

    especially “Why are so many people so happy about killing him?”

    I was raised in a very patriotic military family and love my country, however, this I just can’t seems to get my head around.

  8. Yes, Virginia, the war is over. Now go back to sleep…

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