He Meets His Idol


…and there you have it. My son and the final four contestants of American Idol. They were super sweet him, and made him feel very special.

James Durbin and Jack talked about their Tourette’s.. their tics. Wide-eyed Jack listened as James told him how some of his tics got him into a lot of trouble as a kid, with people thinking he was being rude.

Me too! I do this one with my tongue (makes raspberry noise) and sometimes people think I’m being mean

But you can’t help it

Right! I can’t help it. It’s itchy.

Yeah man, that’s a hard one. I have ones with my lips too.

I saw that! I saw that on tv. And you know, I never saw anybody do that like me.

Cool man, it’s cool.

Jack meets his idol

Lauren teared up as Jack told James his story and slathered him with love and hugs and kisses. Scotty told him he was the man and high fived him. And they all fawned over him like he was the rock star.

As we left I took the time to thank James, and told him, as a Mom, how much it meant for my son to see someone like him on tv-and kicking butt. We hugged. Lauren then tried to kiss Jack (yet again) and I confided in her that he’s just recently ‘discovered’ girls which she took as an invite to taunt him further. Jack pretended to resist as she threatened to lay one right on his lips

‘Awwww man, girls. Geeeeeeez.’ he squealed as Lauren moved in to kiss him.

Mom, she’s pretty. I guess it’s ok if she kisses me. And James really did rock.

Thanks American Idol and a certain special employee who helped my son’s dream come true.


  1. Awww. I am all teary here! James is an inspiration!

  2. Oh, wow! I’m so happy to see him so happy — this is very, very cool!

  3. That rocks! So happy for your son to have met an idol in the flesh… very cool.

  4. Awee! 🙂 That is very, very cool. James is such an inspiration and obviously the most talented one out there. For James to get sent home tonight was so depressing. 🙁 He WAS the next American Idol.

    But still it’s great that your son got to meet him. That convo they had was very nice!

  5. this post is awesome. so happy for your son to be able to meet his idol, and how great for them all to be so warm and welcoming. that’s a memory to cherish forever! super sweet!

  6. Those four… got some mean talent. But Jack is my idol for sure! ROCK ON LITTLE MAN – ROCK ON!!

  7. Berlybeth says:


    I had much the same experience as your son did. I found someone who faces the same challenges as I do, but who goes about life with gusto, ruling the disease instead of letting it rule her. Of course, my problem is lupus and my hero is you. I was diagnosed with lupus six years ago. For the first several months, I treated my condition as merely an inconvenience and ignored it. I still pushed hard at work as an attorney, working 12 hours a day at least 6 days a week. I also pushed equally hard to be “SuperMom.” Then one day my body just stopped. It would be pushed no more. I had to resign from my job and apply for disability. That was over a year ago. My family is living on a quarter of the income we had in previous years. At my lowest point, I discovered Twitter and the Queen of Spain. Your humour and tenacity inspire me. Thanks. You’ve made a difference in my life.


  8. This is so awesome! Whoever set this up for you guys deserves a fruit basket or something. I’m sure your son will be riding high for a while about this. =D

  9. This post totally made me cry actual tears into my coffee.

    I wish your son and my son could hang out in person. Two quirkily perfect little boys. I bet they’d get on splendidly.

  10. Lucretia says:

    Huge happy tears. Huge ones.
    And yeah, remember that Jack *is* the rockstar. Imagine you’re suddenly as famous as it gets – tell me you wouldn’t be touched and inspired by Jack if you met him (you can’t, you would.)

    I love, love, love the fact that you guys had that moment. Whomever arranged that? You tell them major thanks from me too.

  11. Great story and what a gift for your son. That no matter what else happens he knows it’s possible to do whatever he wants to, that whatever the world thinks doesn’t define who he is.

  12. Thank you, Erin and (((Their Tics))), as I don’t watch American Idol, though I’ve come full circle.

    I was looking for articles about pain, living the past 4 years with the intractable pain of tic douloureux. SSDI disabled since 08/2009, (long form – SSA) due to the failed treatments of my tic.

    From a career in healthcare to being a member of the “Entitlement Society”, is a topic for another day.

    In the waiting room at the Neurologists office with “tic-toc”, would be a blast, I’m there! Gentle Hugs to All!

    Reading with empathy, Living With Lupus | BlogHer http://goo.gl/NJZMC

    The circle. In 140 (Twitter) has been my rehab the past year. You were so prolific, and my disabled staff of me still gets lost in apps, well, I stopped following:

    Erin Kotecki Vest
    @dbobsnodgrass I just vaccuumed, algaed, scrubbed, and put new water in and the water has turned blue. bright blue.
    5 Nov via web Favorite Retweet Reply

    I’m in tears of joy, as I was then RT @QueenofSpain how are the fish?

    Someone named James Durbin and Jack talked about their Tourette’s.. their tics, and I am grateful for their sharing.

  13. I love this. As someone who has a brother who had a tic disorder, I loved James from the moment they first showed him! Through in the aspergers (I work with a whole bunch of kids on the spectrum) and I was HOOKED!

    I am so thrilled your son had a chance to meet James.

  14. Well it’s a good thing Scotty didn’t hug and kiss Jack because I have two daughters who’d be “Fatal Attraction” jealousl. They loooooooooove Scotty. Can’t say I blame them.

  15. How sweet! Made me tear up a little. Too bad James was voted off…

  16. Erin, I thought of your son when I read this story: http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/show_story.php?id=21185 I love how both boys found each other!

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