On July 11th I’m going to start my second round of treatment for Lupus. For three days, I will sit in a recliner hooked up to an IV and receive IVIG for several hours per day. The last round I received six doses. And for six days I pretty much pretended I was doing this:

Don't hate! My kids are at camp and I needed the sun ;)

One dose of IVIG takes 1,000 donors. 1,000 people need to give their plasma in order for me to get the much needed immune globulin on my end.

Blood and blood products save lives, and you can help. If you are attending BlogHer ’11 in San Diego you can sign up to donate right outside the convention center. If you are not attending, you can give in your hometown, or you can help spread the word.

Please help. Please remember your blood is good, while mine is not. Everything in my body is attacking itself. I need your good cells to fight. I need your good cells to get back to work. I need your good cells to get back to my normal life.

Be one in 1,000.

Thank you.


  1. We can spend far too much of our precious limited time focused on unimportant things. Your only focus right now is a very important thing – your life. Our focus is doing what we can to help you and others. Word spreading commenced.

  2. Erin, this is an excellent post. I donate blood regularly and it amazes me when people don’t. I agree with Kneale that our focus needs to be helping others by donating and spreading the word.

  3. Can Canadians donate? Our blood is red and healthy. Or is this only for the Yanks attending? Which would be a crying shame, since I promise you, my plasma rocks.

  4. Tanis I don’t see anything in the requirements of having to be American!

  5. I pray that by the time I’m able to donate again (Sept or Oct) you specifically won’t need it anymore. Won’t stop me from donating though. If you don’t need it, someone else will.

  6. Wish I could donate!

  7. I’ll be there with my plasma

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