Hi, I’m Erin, And I’m One of THOSE Sports Moms

I had a feeling it was in there. Ready to bubble up to the surface.

The yelling.

The coaching from the sidelines.

The yelling.

The ‘reminders’ of what the real coach wants…you know, things like ‘keep your hands up! And ‘get back on defense!’

Did I mention the yelling?

Then, somewhere during game 1, I realized I was yelling too much but I couldn’t stop.

I vowed I would try harder the next game. I really did. I even promised my MOTHER I would stop yelling so much. And she heard the video I took of the first game. She knows.

Except. Um… Well:

My baby girl scored her first basket. And ANOTHER shortly after that one!

To be fair, I wasn’t quiet before the baskets. In fact, I’m pretty certain other parents were talking about me.

But…BUT…I am never negative. Never. I cheer on the other team too. I just… um… give a bit of direction?

I don’t know what to do short of duct tape over my mouth for the next game. I really don’t.

I played basketball for too long and I want to help her out too much to just SHUT UP. But then again, shutting up is probably what WILL help her most. Maybe.

What? Someone has to tell her to shoot!



  1. um yep, you are one of those parents. 🙂

    As a coach I know those parents and I love the positive ones. Who cares what the other parents say, until she tells you to pipe down then keep cheering. But remember when she tells you to pipe down, then you really have to pipe down.

  2. As the child of a former pro football player and cheerleader mom, I grew up in a sports parent family, and I turned out ok : )

    Here’s the key :

    *be there, but don’t, so to speak
    *practice is the coaches and the kids time to get ready for the game, let them have it to themselves
    *don’t be afraid to have and use your voice, but….
    *remember that it’s just a game
    *remember that every mistake/out/penalty is an opportunity to learn and correct,
    *and that in the end, it’s about teamwork, fun and the kid that’s playing, nothing and no one else.

    : )

    WTG Hala in your first season, and keep on keepin’ on! : )

  3. I’m REALLY GOOD about making sure it’s just a game, they have fun, mistakes are totally not a big deal, etc. IF the coach says something you do it and you do it fast. And I’m always cheering for both the teams – but I really have to learn to SHUT UP. And i have no idea how.

  4. I saw NOTHING wrong with your video..you clearly love the game, and more importably you LOVE and ADORE your daughter! Besides, you have nothing on hockey moms. Cheer loud. Cheer proud. Cheer positive. I grew up playing sports and loved hearing my parents cheer for me, and more importantly my team, they were never negative…it gave me respect for sport, for team work, and most importantly…myself!
    Cheer your face off!

  5. Loved her brother’s happy “Woo-Hoo!” You’re fine. You’re not bad. You didn’t talk nonstop, and mostly you talked almost to yourself; you certainly weren’t screaming at her or others.

  6. I guess kids in sports have to get used to people yelling at them, but it always just took me out of my game when I noticed it. I don’t NEED direction if I’ve been coached properly during practice, and it’s just distracting during a game and sometimes completely wrong direction. I know you’re trying to be helpful, but sit back and enjoy the game. The kids are all right.

  7. OMG. This made me crack up. I’m a soccer mom – well have been for fifteen years so nearing the end for sure. I occasionally yell like a lunatic. Only I have gotten quieter over the years because as skill developed, my “encouraging” yells became less wise. For example screaming “shoot” when it would have been off-side and the like…
    Recently my son was playing a soccer game on the Nintendo and I did the colour commentary as if I was watching him play. He look at me incredulously and asked, “do you actually DO that?” Well, ya. And he can’t even hear me for Pete’s sake. But even he admitted I was pretty good…

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