Moving Forward…When All You Want is to Move AWAY

Sometimes you don’t realize you are in the thick of it, until you come out the other side. That’s pretty much how I feel about the very worst parts of my life with lupus, thus far. In fact, I should capitalize that and call it as though it’s a book title or a very important chapter in my (almost) 40 years on this earth: My Life With Lupus, by Erin Kotecki Vest. Heh.

It’s also why I agreed to be part of what turned out to be an amazing conversation sponsored by Stayfree® pads during BlogHer ’14 in San Jose.  

I was asked to participate in a ’roundtable’ (and the table actually was round, as you will see below) discussion with Zakary from Raising Colorado, Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode, and BlogHer editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison.

As it turns out the four of us know a little something about moving forward, or what I like to call the ‘just keep swimming’ effect. All of us have had to power through some tough times, or at least some rather uncomfortable times, in which we are coming out the other end changed, yet still ourselves, battered but not bruised, and oddly grateful for some of life’s more mundane moments.

I hope you will watch and walk away knowing first and foremost you are not alone, sometimes powering through is your only option, and that everyone handles life’s more difficult times in their own way.

And because I really am a true believer in the power of community to foster true friendships and to give that ‘I am not alone’ feeling, it bears repeating your blogging (or microblogging) tribe will always contain exactly the people you need to help you though, from those who pick you up with a good kitty meme or send you a giant, stuffed unicorn (no really, I have one that came to my front door) or holding fundraisers to help save your home, pay your medical bills or simply make sure you are fed. Because that is just how we do…enjoy.

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  1. Am I first? FIRST!


  2. oh, pamper myself? I knit. I love to knit. Knitting is my zen.

  3. Pedicures and/or a massage!

  4. I love this… keep them coming!

  5. I don’t tweet, but I pamper myself with a large glass of wine. I should do it more often.

  6. I call this the “Up the Down Escalator” problem. If I simply stand still in life, I end up at the bottom f the escalator. If I do the minimum amount necessary, I expend energy, but stay in the same place and never get ahead. I have to work harder than most, because of my condition, to move forward.

    I pamper myself by taking a breather between escalators. 🙂

  7. I really need to get to the doctor.

  8. Rachael Macry says:

    I pamper myself by soaking my feet in my dee-lux vibrating infrared heated foot bath.. like 3 times a week, lol! (Because, I’m Worth It.)

  9. I pamper myself with a mani/pedi and my weekly trips to the gym.

  10. I just pampered myself watching this video. I am so, so, so, so proud of you for doing this after everything you’ve been through.

    I remember you taking the time with me six years ago to talk me through my first radio appearance, and it has broken my heart to see you silenced.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  11. Laurie cady says:

    What a powerful message!, I enjoy a quiet moment just reading.

  12. You’re awesome Erin. I pamper myself by mani/pedis and hanging out with my good friends at my house drinking pink moscato.

  13. Whoo Hooooo! I love you all. Keep it going!

  14. I pamper myself by taking a hot bubble bath.

  15. I like to go to Target with no baby. 🙂

  16. hot baths, relaxing with coffee and chocolates

  17. I pamper myself by taking long hot showers, exercising in the morning for “me” time, and eating frozen yogurt

  18. I like hot baths for some relaxing time!

  19. Hot baths with a waterproof case on my phone and a book on the Kindle app 🙂

  20. I go for a long walk with my favorite music.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  21. -

  22. I ask my husband for a massage.

  23. tweet–

  24. I pamper myself by taking hot bubble bath

  25. Tonya rader says:

    I go get a pedicure and manicure.

  26. Susan Smith says:

    I pamper myself with a bubble bath while listening to music.

  27. Susan Smith says:
  28. A good book and a cupcake

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  29. tweet

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  30. I pamper myself with a nice long hot bath away from the phone and electronics that tempt me to log on.

  31. Sonya Morris says:

    I pamper myself by getting my hair colored once a month. I could do it by myself but I enjoy having someone else washing all my grays away!

  32. Sonya Morris says:
  33. take a hot bath and read a book

  34. i love tea and good book

  35. The way I pamper myself is soaking in a hot tub or a hot pool.

  36. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I usually get a manicure

  37. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  38. Deb Anderson says:

    Fragrance is how I pamper myself. I can scrimp on other things but splurge on my favorite perfumes. And I don’t save them for special occasions. I wear them all the time. I love how I smell. 🙂 And nothing makes me feel more special than a complete stranger walking by me and saying “ooooh you smell great!”

  39. Thomas Murphy says:

    I go out to a nice dinner to pamper myself.

  40. Thomas Murphy says:
  41. I like to pamper myself by allowing myself time to watch my fav tv shows every evening. It may not seem that pampering, but when there are SO many other things that NEED to be done and I don’t do them, it is definitely pampering! LOL

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