About The Queen


Erin Kotecki Vest, when not disabled by Lupus, is BlogHer, Inc.’s* Social Media Strategist helping BlogHer make the most impact in the quickly-evolving new media landscape. Erin also served as BlogHer’s Political Director throughout the seminal 2008 election cycle and beyond, connecting community members directly to legislators and policy-makers. And as BlogHer’s Producer of Special Projects, Erin spearheaded several online video and editorial initiatives aimed at raising the profile of BlogHer’s 40 million plus community members.

Prior to joining BlogHer, she spent ten years as a broadcast journalist in Los Angeles, Orlando and Detroit winning six Golden Mic Awards with LA news institution KFWB.

In addition, Erin speaks to audiences across the country (SXSW, Politics Online, Gov 2.0 LA, BlogHer, BlogWorld, Journalism Week at the University of Reno, Chicks Who Click, Nevada Interactive- just to name a few) and provides commentary for national media outlets including CNN. She has also tends to do things like advise singer-songwriter Alicia Keys on finding the right blogger for her site, and briefing the White House and members of Congress on how to reach and engage with women online.

When she’s not on the road or on your tv, you can find her at home in Los Angeles with her two children, husband, and Bo Obama look-alike, Nicky the wonder dog.

Explaining the “Queen of Spain” Blog Name:

Back before blogging was cool, a friend thought Erin was being obnoxious. He asked the now infamous question “Who the F do you think you are, the Queen of Spain?” When it came time to choose a blog name, it seemed clear. This was a soapbox, and Queen of Spain = Obnoxious Erin.

A note to PR agencies and marketers:

Queen of Spain blog does not review products or services. It does not host giveaways or offer discounts. This is a parent blog, a political blog and a personal blog.

Any products or services previously mentioned on this blog or in its archives are null and void and were given away on my discontinued Ustream show and only promoted here.

@queenofspain on Twitter *might* mention a product you send, and will fully disclose that it was sent to her and by whom. Contact queenmediallc@gmail.com. But in all honesty, your best bet is to BUY AN AD on the right sidebar below the fold or get to know me really, really well and then beg.


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*This is Erin’s personal blog and in no way reflects the policy or opinions of BlogHer, Inc.