Delta, Meet Queen of Spain, Queen of Spain…meet Delta

Thanks to Becky, we can now turn our anger over a mother being kicked off a flight for breastfeeding into action. Join me in causing them some pain:

Gerald Grinstein
Chief executive officer
(404) 715-2600, gerald.grinstein@

Lee Macenczak
Executive vice president and chief of customer service
(404) 715-2600, lee.macenczak@

Daiquiri Gleaves
Director, customer care
(404) 715-1402, daiquiri.gleaves@

General info: com
DELTA, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
1030 Delta Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30354-1989

(404) 715-2600
(800) 221-1212
How to get through to an operator: press “0” three times or say “agent.”


  1. I cannot believe this type of idiocy is still happening. (the kicking a mom off a plane idiocy is what I mean)

  2. Did you know pain is my specialty? I’m on it.

  3. They’ll kick someone off a plane for nursing, but hired someone named “Daiquiri”?

  4. Is this really 2006? Good grief!

    Keep us posted, in the mean time I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a national incident involving Delta. Hey… maybe you should contact US Airways, I hear they’re making Delta’s life hell right now. 🙂

  5. I haven’t heard about this yet, and I haven’t gone to your link. But, I’m pretty angry already. There are no excuses for this. I’m off to the link. I may be back to double comment.

  6. As a call center director, I recommend reeking havoc by filling up the phone lines. Demand supervisors, demand answers etc……make them deal with you repeatedly. These email addresses have already been changed or are simply being routed to “junk” mail folders – where someone from marketing or PR may or may not be reading them. ( I lean toward NOT).
    You want to cause problems, clog up their phone lines and interrupt service to their customers.

    Then they will hear you.

    CALL in to complain.

    Call call call call call.

    But remember, it isn’t the fault of the agent making 8 bucks an hour – so don’t give them a rash of shit. Call and just demand escalation. UP AND UP AND UP AND UP AND UP. You can tell your story and voice your concerns constructively to each and every person you get to though.


  7. I can’t help but laugh. Because Delta will NEVER heard the end of this.

  8. I can’t get over this! My heart is pounding like I was the one told to get off the plane. I WISH I was still breastfeeding my daughter so I could get on a plane and just see what they would try to do. This is so so so completly stupid. There are so many other things to worry about on an airplane than a nursing mother. 22 months old or 2 months old!!!! I wonder how all these people got fed as infants?

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