But Delta Hasn’t Met Me, Yet

Yet another mother has been banished for feeding her child. This time, on a Delta flight.

Guess who is flying across the country this week…on Delta??? And yes, my nearly 20-month old is still nursing. She hates blankets. Blankets are from the devil.

Stay tuned.


  1. Can we come visit you in the secret TSA jail in Eastern Europe, the one that is reserved for terrorists and breastfeeding moms?

  2. I seriously can’t wait for that story.

    Go get ’em, sister.

  3. Have a great trip:-)

  4. It looks as though you ALSO have a letter to write. Fuck I hate The View, but this solidified it:
    Oooooo I can’t WAIT for your Delta experience. Whip your shirt off! 😀 God, I sound like my husband.

  5. amen

  6. Queen of Spain says:

    Did Karen just tell me to whip my shirt off???

    Hmmmm…..I may have to wear something that is really hard to nurse in. Like…a button down shirt.
    And yeah, I wrote Babs about the View stuff last year. It was awful. It was right after my daughter was born.

    I love Rosie, but she needs to dump those other broads. I used to love Barbara Walters. But she killed her image with that show.

  7. That’s BULL $HIT! What is WRONG with the world these days? So, you’re not allowed to breast feed, and not only that, but you’re not allowed to bring any other food or drinks on the airplanes these days either! Ugh. The world pisses me off.

  8. Uh oh. I’m anxious to hear about your experience!

  9. I’m sorry.
    I think your tits have liquid in them.
    The FAA doesn’t allow liquid on planes.
    Your tits will have to stay home.

  10. Seriously ridiculous… beyond ridiculous.

    I had trouble breastfeeding my first… she developed thrush and the pediatrician we had was an idiot who never detected it and we were first time parents… so for two months I SNSed her (SNS = Supplemental Nutrition System and entails tying a bottle around your neck with supplement… we got breast milk from a milk bank… and taping the two teeny tubes that come out of the bottle to your nipples in order to encourage the baby to suck harder, activating your hind milk and thus increasing your milk supply since it had gone down due to the weak suckling she did as the thrush hurt her tongue)… it was hell and in the end we still could not get my milk supply back up, blah, blah, blah but even then I refused to just stay home, went out and proudly taped those damn tubes to my tits and even walked around while feeding my girl… luckily I was in SF but it doesn’t mean I didn’t get a weird look or two but pffft. And I would have done the same thing had I lived elsewhere.

    What I don’t get is women who act ashamed about breastfeeding and need to go and hide every time they breastfeed. My sister-in-law does that and it just pisses me off!

    So power to you and kick some Delta ass if they mess with you!

  11. I’d take the blanket…lol;)

  12. Hi again Erin (stalker, much?

    Speaking of breastfeeding, I have a relevant contest up at my review blog:

    It’s perfect for the new (or experienced) nursing or not nursing mom. Nothing draws attention to the titties like a giant pillow!

  13. Good god don’t even think about a blanket, do you have any idea where they have been? I have a friend who was a flight attendant and she tells me that they just fold and repackage blankets from the last flight. Yuck!

    If they bug you flash em even more! Make them as uncomfortable as possible. 🙂

    Oh, and I have moved my blogs to my own domains, could you update your blog roll?

    http://leftcoastmama.net and http://leftcoastfloyds.net

  14. Know what bothers me the most? That they had the audacity to bump her off of a flight – a flight she PAID for – because someone ELSE was uncomfortable.

    Know what bothers me second? That SHE was embarassed and felt even the teeniest tiniest shamed by the encounter.

    GO GET ‘EM!

  15. It’s pretty amusing what we find “blasphemous” and “outrageous!” these days. You’d think this was 1920.

  16. Grrrr! I’m seething over this as it’s one of my big hot button issues. I almost hope they do give you a hard time just so they can experience the wrath of QofS firsthand!

    I support you 1000%!!!!

  17. canoe chick says:

    Seriously, how do you live in a country that would do this to a woman??? Your Majesty, please teach these people some human decency on your flight…blankets are the devil, I agree with Princess Peanut on that one. I teach Baby and You classes, where several times a week I am sitting in a room with 10-12 mothers, facing me in a circle, breastfeeding their babies. I don’t avert my eyes, or look away if I am talking to them. And never, NOT ONCE, have I seen even a smidgeon of boob. So how the hell could a flight attendant three seats away in the aisle have been bothered?? I think possible the worst part of this story is the guy saying it is the law that she is allowed to breastfeed in public. YOU NEED A LAW FOR THIS???? I am so appalled by this story, I can’t even punctuate properly…

  18. After reading Karen’s link, it made me wonder if Elizabeth Hasselbeck has a second job as a flight attendant on Delta.

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