Reindeer Food

Last Year's Reindeer Food Fun
You need:



ziplock bags

Printed tags that read: On Christmas Eve sprinkle this magic reindeer food on your lawn. The magic glitter sparkling in the moonlight, and the smell of oats, will guide Rudolph to your house.


  1. Very cute!

  2. Thanks, darlin’! This is such a cute idea. I can’t decide if this would be something Sweet Pea would be excited to do, or something that would give her yet another reason to look at me as if I’m totally crazy. If I can find glitter at the grocery store, though, I think we’ll do it. hee hee!

  3. What a cute idea! I have oatmeal, and ziplocs. We’ll have to see about the glitter!

  4. Kiddos with creative parents have it good. : )

  5. We made 150 of these a few weeks ago for the pre-school kids at our church. I never want to see glitter and oatmeal again.

    I’ll have to show you the pictures. My CCD class had fun….their teacher (me) did not…because I had to clean up the mess they missed!

    As usual, y’all look so darn adorable. I want to move in with you and your family!

  6. It’s a little more environmentally friendly if you use colored sugar crystals than glitter. The crystals will eventually dissolve and if they’re eaten by animals, it’s no big deal.

    But my reindeer food has glitter – we bought some for a fundraiser…next year though.


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