Damn Pirates

Good bye to my stitches


  1. Owie!

  2. Ouch girl! That’s one bruise beneath the scar, too! Vampires!

  3. Just think how tough you’ll look! Anyone messes with you, you just flash them the scar!!

  4. That would make one hell of a Halloween costume… or a Valentine’s Day costume.

  5. Another knife fight with Aaron?

  6. People are going to think you tried to kill yourself. Rock on.

  7. Just look people in the eye and say “Sometimes I get a little stressed.”
    Or, you could say “That happened when I took my beat down to get out…….”

  8. Ouch. I hope you aren’t in too much pain.

  9. DANG. Is it bigger than your C-section scar? Cause it looks bigger than a C-section scar. Hurts worse too? Or just hurts different?

  10. I see you put up a good fight, but the real question is : did the pirates steal your booty?

  11. You made it. Glad to hear you are getting better and are home now! XXXXXXXXXXX

  12. Johnny Depp will find you quite fetching, I imagine.

  13. Just tell people how tough your kids are, but you taught them well. And then tell them they should see the scars on the kids.

    Keep Vitamin E oil on that bad boy and it’ll heal with little scarring.

  14. Now I’m jealous! It looks way better than that picture I sent you of mine after surgery! I hope you are starting to feel better!

  15. Yowtch!

  16. oh honey, OW. Does it hurt to swallow? That bruise, it looks like they SAT on you during the surgery. I hope it heals quickly.

    P.S. Chase’s comment? HA!

  17. it’s official, i am photographing my c-sec scar and posting it on my blog. thank you for that inspirtation.

  18. Woh. :-O, bless you!

    I mean um, Arrrrr.

  19. I know it is wrong, but I covet your scar. It works perfectly with my scar fetish. Surgical scars are cool. After I had breast reduction surgery, I tried to show my scars off to anyone who would look. (This was usually thwarted by my husband, who would throw his body in front of mine whenever I began to life my shirt, to protect my “honor”. He cracks me up.) Anyway, I hope you feel better and can start screaming again soon. I know it would kill me to not be able to raise my voice either.

    (Also, I covet your house. Gorgeous!)

  20. Ewww – I mean, you are very, very brave and it really doesn’t look that bad, really.


    Did I mention I’m a BIG wuss?


    Um…gotta go…I think I hear the dryer buzzer and…uh…think I threw up in my mouth, a little!

  21. Owie!

    I don’t know if this will make you feel any better … but you can see what mine looks like 3 years later here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moxygen/293810560/

    It does get better, I swear! Even if you’re still pulling out stitches that didn’t dissolve years later. 😉

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