Writers Block…or something

Since I’ve returned home from New York, I’ve tried several times a day to blog.

To tell you about my sex life.

To tell you about my monster children…and how angelic they were for their father and horrific they are for me.

To tell you about being away from my kids and husband and how it’s made me more sane.

But I can’t seem to write. I’ve been cleaning, and cooking, going to the gym (I know…shocking), making plans for a weekend double birthday bash at Disneyland, planning a date night with the Kaiser, and sowing seeds in the spring garden.

So since I can’t seem to put together a sentence this week…tell me what you’ve been doing. Or offer some writing exercises, because I’m stuck.



  1. I’ve been NOT cleaming. Does that count?

  2. Um. Cleaning.

    I haven’t been typing well either.

  3. Not much going on here. Just gestating, mainly. Husband is gone for the weekend, making me a single mom for four days, which may keep me from blogging much over the next four days.

    And the kids always act better around everyone but mom. That’s our curse.

  4. You can come visit my new blog 😀 I’m not above asking the Queen for help! We need questions. Lots of questions. So..if you’re bored..you could just start typing in questions left and right to keep us entertained 😀 After all…keeping your royal subject entertained is very important 😀

    The Know it All Moms

    Please…Pretty please!

  5. This weekend I will be cleaning (yeah right), hunting down a dress in Northern California, attending a bridal shower, and then having a planning party for a trip I may be taking. Oh and Friday I have to go get blood work done- which should be fun (if fun equals scary and painful). I don’t really have any exercises to offer you. My belief is you’ll write when you’re ready. Enjoy all that life is offering you, and have fun on your date nights and birthday trips.

  6. I’ll be thinking about yuo when we spend our birthday weekend at Disney World.

    Have fun!

  7. I’ve been contemplating a writer’s retreat (class) at our local university. It’s $142 for the day and my crazy husband says we can’t afford such frivolous spending. I’d like to cry.

    And I took Dawson to the new mega park (flickr photos to boot) and this morning he told me he’d like to sleep there, at the park, on the “big curr-wee slide”.

    Maybe you and I should both take the writing class!! Can you take another mini vacay to Wisconsin now? 😛

  8. Can I come to Disneyland too?

    I’ll bring you a bouquet of Twizzlers…

  9. Come on, don’t leave us in suspense, what ABOUT your sex life??

  10. My writing has been utterly uninteresting since I came back from vacation as well. I’m calling it the post-vacation brain freeze.

  11. I’m stuck too and I didn’t even have to go on a trip for it to happen! I think it’s that time of year for bloggers.

  12. I’ve had writer’s block for months. Meanwhile the hubby has been turning out awesome essays. So not fair. Asshole.

    Anytime I ask someone to give me ideas I hear “write about being a mom with cancer”. Okay, a bitch can only write about cancer so damn many times before the subject makes her eye twitch.

    Maybe I should go clean just to destress! LOL

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