Windy City Pretty

That’s the name of my toe-nail polish, swear to god…Windy City Pretty. Of course I did it on purpose.

Last year as I packed for BlogHer, I was nursing Princess Peanut in between folding skirts and shirts. I was fretting over how many hours a session would last, and how long it would take me to nurse my daughter after breakfast, before session #2, during the cocktail party…you get the idea.

I was worried how my mother and the Kaiser would handle two kids in a hotel room. I was still TOTALLY uncomfortable leaving my children for any length of time, even to join my friends for a once-a-year get together.

Tonight, I’m doing laundry, packing, and counting the hours before the Kaiser and I leave for LAX. I’m wondering how many drinks I can have on the plane without feeling like shit. I’m wondering if I can add a day to our get away just because. I’m wondering if I’m a terrible mother because not only do I want to get away from my kids, I am DYING to get away from my kids.

Let me be clear, I’m the mother who wouldn’t let you HOLD my child. I’m the mother who never spent a night away from her kids. They were GLUED to me. GLUED.
NYC for BlogHer business was my first trip away. I’m now determined to never come home. Ok, kidding, kidding…but I feel like a freshman at college who got away from her parents and suddenly fucked everyone and drank like a fish. I now want to leave my children ALL THE TIME. I went from one extreme to the other.

I’m not sure it’s healthy.

I can’t do much about it now…with BlogHer in Chicago beckoning me with its yahootinis and wonderful swag bags. With its familiar faces and hugs from bloggers I’ve only typed with.

…but when I get home…I’m thinking I need to sloooow down a bit. Reengage with my children, my home, my life. Stop trying to escape like a forlorn teenager and find some balance between hovermom and freedom lover.

In the meantime, me and my Windy City Pretty toes are off.


  1. Until just this second I thought you were bringing them.

  2. I am so jealous!

    I’m sure you’ll be running back to those kids once Blogher is over, though… and then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll start planning for next year’s get-away by the following Monday.

  3. I can’t wait to see those toes!!!

    I feel the same way, but I’m nervous about leaving my kids. This is the first time in several years I’ve traveled without my kids. The Hubby’s an old hat at it, but not me.

    I’m thinking some adult beverages will help.


  4. I’m the mom who is having an anxiety attack over leaving my son with HIS FATHER (I know, irrational) for four days.


  5. I know how you feel…. I just can’t seem to find anyone to WATCH them for any length of time. Ever since they multiplied from 1 to 2 Grammy doesn’t seem so keen anymore…..

  6. Have fun!!!!

  7. Yay! I better meet you this time! (I’m not sure if that is a warning, threat, or promise.)

  8. Have a WONDERFUL time — and I’ll see you there in Second Life! (Two days in, Queen, and I’m HOOKED on SL. Thank you!)

  9. “suddenly fucked everyone and drank like a fish.”

    THAT’S what I did wrong in college…..I fucked all the fish and drank like everyone…no wonder they kicked me out of the pet store that time.

  10. Great post! I appreciate your honesty in regards to your elation at leaving the kids. You’re human and need to be you so have a great time!! 😀
    Chris’s comment is hilarious! I busted out laughing!

  11. It’s bizarre that you’re so worried about not caring that you’re leaving. Frankly, I leave every few months (really) for a few days and it makes me happy and relaxed while I’m at home. Try to remember that a good mother has her own life too.

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