It’s TRUE, what they say…

I am no where near due for my period, but hanging with 800 women will get you bleeding way off schedule.

I’m sitting at the airport in Chicago (menstrual) and trying to wrap my head around seeing all these lovely female bloggers, all in one place, all being smart and witty and funny and total dorks.

Elizabeth Edwards (wife of presidential candidate John-yeah, that one) took to the stage for her keynote speech with Lisa Stone and then graciously joined us at our cocktail party. The woman hung out with us bloghers all night. She met everyone and answered questions about anything and literally was one of us. Not sure if I’m voting for her husband…but wow, she impressed the hell out of me, and I’m not easy to impress.

Apparently we’re super cool, because as I was leaving (more like stumbling) out of the party I ran into LeahPeah who was going to an after party with Chloe Dao from Project Runway. Yeah, so Elizabeth Edwards and Chloe from Project Runway just kinda hung out with us bloghers alllll night.  I’m not kidding.

I got to hold this new blogher and I got to HUG this one and I got to laugh like a big DORK with this one, oh, and did I mention eat a large pile of MEAT because of HER? We were meat drunk. This blogher gave me a crown (I KNOW) and this one passed me a condom lollipop and this one is just a nice as you think.

Hung over this morning I held the red stapler and hugged this one good bye and told this one we might bring the kids to DC soon. Did this one tell you yet about how her luggage was lost? Or this one her ID (no comment, I did it at blogher business in NYC) or how this one and this one went on a boat ride and watch some guy’s big ears flap in the wind???

Yeah, so I’m might have to go change my tampon before I get on this flight…but it was worth it.


  1. Sounds like a blast. I so hope I can go next year. 🙂

  2. WAAAAAH! i’m so sad i wasn’t there. oh well. at least it’s over now, so i can start getting on with my life again without resenting my stupid friend for planning her wedding on the weekend of blogher. 😛

  3. Us blogging fellas were going to have a convention too, but we all got lost and not one of us wanted to ask for directions, so it never happened.

    Maybe next year, I’ll blogher in drag 🙂

  4. How the hell did you find time to post AND upload flick’r photos already? I’m impressed. Or maybe I’m just blinded by the dazzling Tiara?

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  6. Well, I’m still totally feeling sad and left-out of the cool girl party … but it was fun saying hello in SL. Thanks for all of your work. I really enjoyed watching the feed of E.E.!!

  7. It was an awesome time. And now I’m really sad I fell asleep nursing on Saturday night and didn’t call you to come hang out – sounds like you had a blast. (I’m still pissed at myself for falling asleep.)

    If you do visit DC and want to make a pit stop in Columbus, OH, I’d love to see you!

  8. I so wish we’d have had more time together…but I know you were way busy with SL. I suppose I’ll just anxiously wait until next year!

  9. next time you come to blogher i hope they give you a little something to do. you know, so you can be a little busier. it was sad seeing you so bored the entire time.

  10. I missed an after party with Chloe Dao? Damn!

  11. Hey, Your royal highness!

    Delurking to say I’m so glad to hear all you lovely ladies partied it up in style.

    I recently read an interesting post on the BlogHer presentation done by Penelope Trunk. (Hee! I can’t write that name without laughing. Sounds like the name of a Harry Potter character.)

    I was just wondering if you heard any feedback about that particular presentation — and if so, what that feedback was.

    I know you must have a million other stories to share about the conference, but if you find yourself running out of ideas, I’d love to hear your take on that one.

    (You might remember me from way back as the Diaper Dame — DreadPirateRobert is my husband. I’ve started up a new — less “family friendly” (while still being all about the family) — blog under the name of


  12. I dunno…it doesn’t look like ya’ll had much fun…but those pictures could be staged to keep others away. 😉

  13. OK, I am not sure how I only got to talk to you for 19.2 seconds before I lost you for the rest of the conference, but I am so glad that we got to meet and hug and squeal at each other, even for such a short time. I would have been so pissed if I left without seeing you at all. This will have to suffice for now.


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