In the Butt, Bob

Wow. You guys sure do like the sex talk.

In that case…email me your topics, questions, stories and we’ll just turn the whole “The Post My Mother Can NOT Read” into a series. or leave a comment.

and yes, you can tell by the title what topic we need to tackle next…


  1. I’m still cracking up! And I’m still waiting for a topic that might make me blush…

  2. Um…no.
    Anywhere but there.

  3. Hi, I’m not really sure I have anything to say on this topic. I will be paying close attention though. Thanks for informing the masses.

  4. I definitely think “In the Butt, Bob” is one of the best post titles, ever.

  5. Been there, done it. Not my favorite, but certainly an attainable goal if done correctly and respectfully.

  6. I’m keeping out of this one.

  7. Honestly, I never understood the appeal of this one.

  8. A topic this gay boy knows something about (mom, if you’re reading this just close your eyes and keep praying for me).

    If the topic ever delves into the world of vaginas and other lady parts, I don’t think I’ll have anything intelligent to say… but if you need a list of inappropriate slang terms for them, I’m your man.

  9. Lube well and be gentle, and I’ll go along for the ride!


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