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So I used my first post over there to ask them where in the hell their candidate disappeared to…

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As many of you know, this site was founded to support John Edwards bid for President of the United States.

I watched from afar as the rock star MOMocrats lauded and defended their choice with wisdom, facts, and snark. They stuck to their guns and went down with the ship and now continue to voice their intelligent observations as this race drags on (and on and on and on).

I accosted Stefania late the other night as we watched the numbers come in from Ohio and Texas and flippantly added “…and I totally want to be a MOMocrat….I’m way too mouthy though. Elizabeth Edwards would scold me.”

Our CityMama laughed, and before I knew it I had a log-in to this kickass site. So I want to start by saying THANK YOU for allowing me yet another platform to rant the only way I know how.

With that said, and before you take my posting privileges away:


I’m of the mindset that dragging the democratic nomination process out is one of the worst ideas in the history of man. Or woman. Or MOM. Whatever.

Anyway I firmly believe this is getting much uglier before it gets better and we are NOT going to all come together and hold hands and sing Kumbaya in Denver in August.

I’d like to see John Edwards endorse. And endorse NOW.

I realize he wants to be Vice President. I mean, he must. Why the hell else would he NOT say anything yet? Common sense would tell us if he goes out on a limb and endorses Clinton and Obama wins, he’s out of a job. If he endorses Obama and Clinton wins he’s out of a job and possibly sent to the American version of Siberia (what would that be exactly? Michigan’s Upper Peninsula?) for crossing the all powerful Clinton clan.

Having drank some of the MOMocrat Kool Aid and having been throughly impressed with Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer ’07 in Chicago, I have to believe John Edwards has a spine. He surely would endorse the candidate he found most worthy of the job, not the one he thought could make or break his next position.

Naive Erin, I know. I get that a lot.

So now that we’re in a Thunderdome DeathMatch for the Nomination, where are the big name endorsements and why are they keeping their mouths shut? You mean to tell me an Edwards or Gore endorsement wouldn’t sway a few hundred thousand voters? You mean to tell me Edwards is really THAT torn over who he should throw his weight behind? I mean *I* was torn a few weeks ago, but this wagon train sure as hell has changed course over the past few weeks. I think most of us fence-sitters have picked a side by now.

With all due respect Mr. Edwards, It’s 3am. The country needs you to help end this insanity.

Please publicly endorse your choice for President. Nudge Al Gore and some others while you’re at it. Do what you can so we, the voters, don’t have to watch this party implode over the next 7 weeks and fail to unify in time to regain the White House.

The rhetoric is getting nastier. Lines are being drawn in the sand. I went from being TORN on who to vote for on Super Tuesday and happy with Clinton OR Obama-to literally wanting to fly to Ohio to be able to scream obscenities at Senator Clinton for her negative campaigning.

I am your party’s base, and I am disgusted and getting very, very, very worried we’re going to blow this whole thing.

I know I am not alone.

Do us all a favor and pick a side. Get your supporters behind the side, work a deal where you get a bunch of other big names to join you, and rip off this band aid FAST.


I’m off to drink more MOMocrat Kool-Aid. They make the best, you know. I hope to mix my own batch here often, anyone want a glass?


  1. It’s so *you* to start with a bang… and I’ve no doubt that if MOMocrats ever show you the door, you won’t go out with a whimper.

    And I couldn’t agree with you more – whoever the Democrat candidate will be, my hope, from afar, is that the nomination process itself doesn’t kill their chance long before November.

  2. Ohiocrat says:

    Cut the guy some slack, his father-in-law died this week. Politicians are people too.

  3. honestly? i’m still fence-sitting. i know where my heart is, but i see both sides so clearly that it’s hard to come off the fence entirely.

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    Condolences to the Edwards family, however I think he should have endorsed BEFORE Texas and Ohio

  5. I’m late for preschool pick up because I’m reading all your coverage! your pundit mom comment was brilliant and this post is what i’ve been screaming in my head. When do you take maureen dowd’s job because I’m slightly more obsessed with reading you now than her. (don’t tell her).

  6. Will you be my new superhero?

  7. I think I’m more confused now then ever. I know if the dems don’t get their act together its divide and conquer…

    My vote, one is as bad as the other. I still never know what their positions are when asked a question… I find myself wondering if things can ever change. The system is set up for career politics, lawyers and lobbyist and what they need to survive.

    Thanks for trying to help..

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

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