Events Insist, says an exhausted Queen of Spain*

If you have a week in which your children get 103 degree fevers, you need to shop and pack for a trip, your new computer is shipped via slow boat to China, a Governor gets busted for whores, another female role model says something entirely offensive, you are molested by the Geico Caveman, you need to document every cow in Texas for your Bovine-loving son, watch stage dives, bowl with geeks, witness a minor shitstorm, stay up way past bedtime, return home to find rashes and snot, administer breathing treatments, attempt to read 2000 emails, set up a new computer, AND do the laundry…you might babble a bit too. Oh, and somewhere in there Mississippi voted and Guy Kawasaki tried to get me to like the idea of Hooters girls next door to BlogHer Con serving drinks to BlogHim Con goers.

I’m even too tired to linkbait all that up there. Maybe later.

Did I mention I also had to finish the dreaded Kindergarten Registration Packet of DOOM? Packet of doom, I say.

Which is all a very long winded way of introducing a video in which I get even more long winded about going to SXSW.

*titled for Micah, SEO Nutjob


  1. i haven’t been to any cons yet, but i think you make some good points. it’s hard to leave our comfort zone, but the world is definitely getting smaller (thank you, twitter) and i think that helps make it a little easier to step out if we already “know” some of these ppl in advance.
    my husband, who just started up a blog, says we have to go to sxsw next year. we’ll see. i just want to get to blogher one of these years! 😉

  2. I can’t imagine how you don’t just want to fade can be so grueling. I often ask myself if it was like that for me when I was your age. I think not. I think you guys have it much harder, and much more complicated. My daughter is often overwhelmed and I get it. My thoughts and prayers for your strength..

    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram


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