Can’t Be Any More Bizzare Than My Panty Drawer

The chairman of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Terry McAuliffe was photographed in a rather odd way this weekend. I’m confused. And shaking my head. And wondering if he just didn’t NOTICE he was holding an Obama sign each time, or if he was being SUPER polite? This from the guy who is on my TV daily spouting vitriol. Weird.

Just as weird? A short vid I shot last week when my in-laws were here, given new life over at Utterz by either pervs or other Moms who’s panties are in the same, sad, shape. Why doesn’t Victoria’s Secret send me any PR e-mail?


  1. If you were hot this video would have been great. You’re not, so zzzzzzz…

  2. Ugh. Matt is a fucking turd.

    My underwear drawer? Brand new panties I bought a month before I found out I was pregnant. Tags still on, never worn. I keep them, thinking I’ll lose all the weight and be able to wear them. That’s not happening as I planned.

  3. If I were going to BlogHer this year I’d kidnap you and take you underwear shopping. And for a bra fitting. Cause I’m like that.

  4. Shut up Matt…

    That was so funny. As a mom I can totally relate. I’ve just recently started buying stuff for me again. Go shopping! You deserve it!

  5. McAuliffe is sort of like this pair of panties I had trouble throwing out because they cost a lot and SHOULD have made me feel sexy, but the edging gave me burning rashes causing me to squirm and itch–not sexy. I finally threw them out / I hope that politico-sociopath is tossed soon, too.

  6. Hey Erin,

    I’m looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night for the Bossy rendezvous – new panties or no – just come as you are. My underwear drawer… far sadder. Nothing new and pink, even if it does floss!

  7. Hmmm. For guys it’s either boxers or briefs, and usually our underwear drawers are filled with either one or the other. The only thing we have to worry about is worn out and holes, but hopefully our wives (if they do the laundry) toss the ones that are bad. I just hit Target periodically and buy a few packs of new and just toss all the old (yes, guilt, some are OK but it’s all old). Why say ‘I have no idea why this is still here’, just pick it up and throw it out. Hit the mall and get some new. Take hubby with you to VS and let him get embarassed, but he can look at the posters while waiting.

  8. I’m so going to do a video of mine now. Though it will honestly be less interesting. 🙂


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