I did it.

I put an Obama ’08 bumper sticker on the back of the Momvan, MOSTLY to reassure MYSELF this nomination is not going to be stolen.

See the bumper sticker is never coming off. Someone is going to buy the ‘ol Town & Country years from now and try scraping that baby off for days. I remember trying to get a Dead sticker off the back of my VW in college and it was NEVER COMING OFF.

So what pushed me to the permanent, van-ruining measures?

I can’t stop thinking about what will happen if by some insane (and entirely evil) move the numbers shift and Senator Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee.

What will I do???

Keeping in mind I always live in crazy fantasy land where things like MATH do not matter, I can not seem to shut my brain off to the scenario in which I am faced with Clinton or McCain.

Echoing the Sicilian from the Princess Bride, ‘clearly I can not choose the wine in front of me…’

Or can I?

I voted Nader before and watched the chaos. I can’t do that again. McCain ‘aka Mr. women just need more training and education’ is not an option. 100 years in Iraq and the Supreme Court. Too big. Too much.

So in all honesty we’re looking at having to vote for Clinton. There is no other ‘REAL’ option without possibly throwing Roe vs. Wade, soldiers and Iraqi lives right out the window. Could I seriously look at my kids and tell them I COULD have voted for someone capable of ending the war, capable of securing the Supreme Court for the next 40 years, capable of pushing through some sort of national health care plan…and yet I didn’t, because I wanted to take a stand against politics as usual.

But HOW can I vote Clinton in my crazy fantasy nightmare, knowing what we ALL NOW KNOW.


So I put the bumper stick on. The uber-sticky, there for life, Obama ’08 bumper sticker. PERMANENT reminder about what this election season has meant for me.

Also a total bet that it will mean something come November 4th.

However I like to make bets, and I tend to get cocky about them.

Time to get cocky again.

Even if cocky means a bumper sticker on a minivan, hauling two kids to preschool.


  1. If McCain were to win I guarantee you RvW would not be thrown out. Guarantee. Guarantee, guarantee, guarantee.

    And if it were thrown out, Congress would immediately move to canonize it in U.S. Code. Guarantee.

    Stop beating yourself over this election. It doesn’t become you.

  2. I am super-angsty over this whole thing, too. And still have not even made it to that place where I STOP grieving for John Edwards. So, you’re doing better than me! (Yeah, I know. You feel SOOOO much better now.)

  3. I am sick to my stomach. I really really am disgusted by the swiftboating. Obama needs to start fighting back. And hard.

    For that reason, I too sport an Obama bumpersticker on the back of my car. Not even taped on. I fully committed to my “GOT HOPE?” sticker. It’s right next to my bumpersticker. Yup, the anti-bumpersicker person now has TWO on her car.

    You will xpost this right? (Please?)

  4. Queen of Spain says:


    Angsty. I like that Belinda.

    And yeah, not even taped on here either. COMMITTED.

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking with your convictions.

    If you don’t commit 100% to something you believe in, how can you expect it to come about?

    So – you are playing the “what if?” game – knock it off. “If” things turn out that HRC gets the nomination, you’ll figure it out then.
    “If” McCain ‘steals’ the election? You’ll deal with it then.

    Don’t borrow trouble.

    Deal with your realities as they are, not as they may or may not be.

    My husband’s Kerry sticker was on the back of his car until it was totaled in an accident.

    Sometimes, you just have to stop living 7 months in the future and deal with the now. Right now? that sticker belongs on your van. In the future, it still will – no matter what happens between now and November.


  6. truth is all of them foul with regards to economic proposals, however i cant even fathom McCainanomics

  7. I’ve been proudly wearing my Got Hope? t-shirt since the first win in January and you’ve inspired me it’s time to break the pristine emptiness of the bumper of my Prius.

  8. Admittedly this is the first election I’ve had true interest in. I did not vote in the last election, because honestly I wanted none of the candidates. None of them. It was just a wash of who we hoped could control themselves enough to keep us from getting blown up.

    This time though, I am seeing and hearing (dare I say it) hope in the ideas and thoughts that are coming from the candidates thus far. I actually watched election news on television on purpose… I’ve never done that before!

    And now on election day I’ll be thinking of the Princess Bride the entire time and be reminded of your momvan! -lol-

    I do really want to see a national health care solution come through for us. It will make a world of difference. Pipe dreams *sigh*

  9. You’re stronger than I am, we haven’t had the courage yet to put up the Obama sticker. Though I just last week finally scraped off the Kerry/Edwards sticker from the last election, so that probably says something about me.

  10. That’s what I love about you — you go for something and you do it all out. Even if things don’t go your way, you’ve got this reminder of how involved you were in this and how much it meant to you and that’s something you should never be ashamed of.

  11. For the first time ever, I put a candidate’s sticker on my car. I love the stares and looks of horror I get in the preschool carpool line when people see my Obama sticker. It only gets better when I send my boys to school in their Yes we can! Obama t-shirts. For the first time in 20 years North Carolina’s primary matters, and I’m doing everything I can to ensure Hillary stays in New York. I am living in Lalaland pretending that there’s no way she’ll win the nomination. I don’t think I can bring myself to cast a vote for her…not that McCain is an option.

  12. Right now the main issue on my mind is healthcare. And you can guarantee there would be an Obama sticker on my bumper here in Indiana if I could actually find somewhere where they aren’t sold out. I am sporting my “Republicans are Creepy” T today and got the Obama signs in the windows and yard but I can’t seem to secure a bumper sticker.

    Anyone got extras they want to sell??

  13. Jennifer James says:


    I can’t wait to vote next week. I know he’ll win NC (my state). I just hope he can pull off Indiana.

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