Sunday Inquisition with Queen of Spain LIVE

Starting at 7pm PDT and going…Gawd knows how long..We’re going to try Ustream tonight, since we keep crashing Stickam and YahooLive won’t let us moderate like we want…

You can join the fun here:

Tonight’s Guests include Tara Anderson (@tarable) of Lijit, Baratunde Thurston* (@baratunde) of Jack and Jill Politics and Good Crime Think, and Zik Daniel (@ZIK). Which means we’ll be talking widgets and badges and CRAP for the blogs-and why Lijit might be the only one you really need. Tara can also move us into the political discussion nicely as her MOM IS IN JAIL after a protest. Baratunde and Zik will no doubt get into the entire Rev. Wright FIASCO and don’t be surprised if we see a few guest appearances from some loudmouth tweets!

Since I’ve been hearing a lot of whining lately, tonight’s giveaways will center around your ability to beg and whine. Leave a comment and tell me why you need a Creative Live! IM Pro webcam to register to win, and explain to me why you can’t pick up the phone to order flowers to win a Mother’s Day bouquet from 1800-Flowers.

All other readers get a 15% discount from @mindofandre from 1800-Flowers-comes in handy with Mother’s Day next week!

As always, Lucretia Pruitt (@geekmommy) and Maria Niles (@marianiles) will be rocking things behind the scenes and chiming in-and we just *might* have a special intro with music by R. Corey Oltman (@kingtiger) and the ‘voice of god’ Doug Welch (@dewelch) to kick off Sunday Inquisition!

*Baratunde and I recently hijacked 50cent’s Netvibe’s chat room. We’re sorry in advance if you get shot for hanging out with us tonight.

****discount code for 1800flowers discounts are:

FLOWERS: 15% off any purchase OR MOM8 : $10 off a purchase of $49.99 or more


  1. i need a Creative Live! IM Pro webcam because at this point the only way i can webcam is with my work computer — a PC — running Vista. i have a beautiful (used, like new!) Mac Powerbook G4 that is just gorgeous and wonderful and running leopard, but it has no webcammage whatsoever. plus i have lizards, and own a domain “”, and i could totally put my lizards on live streaming video – if i only had a webcam that wasn’t built in to my work computer. is that whiny enough? i can do better.

  2. Sounds like an excellent lineup! Rock it.

  3. This week, I am actually able to stick around, so I’ll be there!

  4. I don’t need nor want a webcam, or a flower discount, but if you can somehow influence or highspeed to run cable out into the middle of nowhere where I am, instead of this horrid slow wireless highspeed/glorified dialup that can’t even stream radio let alone video, I would grovel and worship at your feet, and support you, QueenofSpain for president of Canada 2008.
    Thank you.
    aka “Wish I could tune in, but I pay $52/mo to the Sucking black hole of the Universe for Nothing, so I can’t. But Hi.” /rant.

  5. I NEED a Creative Live! IM Pro Webcam so our kids can say hello to each other and play Star Wars from their very own homes whenever they want.

    Also so I can do other web stuff 🙂

    My feed keeps stalling, but I’m trying to listen in!!


  6. I can’t believe I was able to watch a little of your show (in between arguing with the husband because Megan could hear — and, as she says, she hears worse words from the 8th graders at her school)! Anyway, you’ve inspired me and I want the camera because my Sony Vaio’s built-in webcam sucks.

  7. Thomas says:

    I need a webcam so that I can appear on the Queen Of Spain show! And more seriously, so that I can participate fully in this Social Media stuff. And because I totally worship the Queen of Spain and her Sunday night talk show!

  8. Ok, I’m actually going to try for the free web cam (I never do things like this).

    I don’t have one. I don’t have a video camera. I don’t have a cell/smart phone. I don’t have a digital camera of any sort. I’m a geek who’s been online since 300 baud and C-64s dialed into BBSs with no way to show my face.

    And I’m currently heating my second mug of Witch’s Brew spiced red. It’s 37F in Mich atm, feels like fall, and it’s good stuff, sue me.

    cheers 🙂

  9. I need the webcam because I’m la-zy and my fingers get so tired trying to type out everything I want to say during your show. By the time I type the first sentence, I forgot where I was going with it. See how much brilliance is being lost between brain and fingers?

    Don’t I type enough already? Don’t I deserve to type less and instead let everyone see my pretty face? I don’t want arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome before I’m 40 because I’ve been typing to much.

    So give the lazy woman the camera!

  10. Keep it up and you will be the NewsGang of late nite 🙂

  11. Ok, I need a webcam so I can party with you. I so want to be part of your live chat, being in the chat box isn’t the same, come on please, I need to work on my social media net working and I won’t buy a webcame because it is spending money on myself and I can think of a million other things the kids need or the house needs, or it could go into saving. Please, show a girl some love. Please!! =)

  12. What, no one wants the flowers? Look at all these geek girlz you got! I’ll be the girly in the bunch, who would love to catch your bouquet. My w-h-i-n-e is that I am not a big enough pisser to garner an ask to a strip club with you–but damn if I were, I would have said yes. I would have said hell yes. Did they at least invite you over for cheesecake? Fluffy mallrat bluffers.

  13. re: @connectedgeek

    Sunday Inquisition – the “NewsGang of Late Night”

    That is pretty dead on.

  14. so, which person (who is not me because i never win anything) won? probably someone who needs one more than i do should win. i certainly shouldn’t, because why break a non-winning streak of the magnitude of this one? i could whine more, but there was a sign from Dog that i should go to bed early. so i will 🙂


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