I <3 Jon Stewart and Feminists

Suzanne at BlogHer nails it.

Stefania and the Thompson Twins take apart Palin’s speech piece by piece. Classic.

Dear conservatives, you might want to check your own backyard.

Sarah Palin’s record on how she supports special needs children (or not). There is a big blogosphere fight brewing over this one, with the primary issue seeming to be a program called “Alaska Challenge Youth Academy” – Conservatives claim it resulted in an increase in funding for education for special needs children, progressives are claiming its not a special needs program, therefore the budget remained stagnate or cut. Fight it out amongst yourselves.

Something to think about while you watch tonight’s ‘Tribute to Cindy McCain.’

I said on CNN this morning we didn’t hear anything about the ISSUES last night…apparently I wasn’t alone.

and finally…this clip sums up what I’ve been sputtering to tell a cable news audience for 48 hours. Amen Jon, Amen.


  1. THANK YOU. Sweet Jeebus, a voice of reason.

  2. AMEN. You’ve been doing an amazing job at both DNC & RNC – thanks for all your hard work.

  3. If I could spend an hour with any person I didn’t personally know, I’d definitely choose Jon Stewart.


  5. Thank you for this! I’ve been very annoyed because her speech was so short on SUBSTANCE. But I have an inkling that, no matter how much people say they dislike negative campaigns, the fact that so many people were applauding Palin’s speech and saying that it “rocked” may mean that Americans DO like negative campaigns.

  6. i LOVE me some john stewart. for realz.

  7. Seriously? You’re going to use a link by Dr. Laura damning Palin for CHOOSING to go back to work? I mean, I get it from her, but from you and your ilk? I’ve read you from time to time for years, and all I’ve been able to really gather is that you feel anything goes, for anybody. It’s all personal, it’s all up to THAT family. Don’t you have a career? Aren’t you traveling with, or without your children? How can any person, especially any WOMAN go after Palin for choosing to work and have children? Isn’t that the whole feminist movement? Choice? We can have it all? Or at least, try? I can not believe the hypocrisy of the left on this issue. Where were the haters when Clinton had a pre-teen as he took office, and his wife was going to be heavily involved? Did anyone say he, or Hillary, should step down because a child was involved? Didn’t Hillary go about spewing she didn’t HAVE to stay home and bake cookies? Then why should Palin. How on earth you and yours can be after her with THIS line of criticism is unbelievable. And good luck to us all if Obama wins…we’ll only LOSE choice as the government gets bigger and bigger and regulates most of our daily lives, from doctors, to colleges, to how to school, and parent, and they’ll be sucking more and more from our paychecks all the while. I’d leave you a website link, but alas, I gave that up a while ago. You know, it took too much time from my four children…need to put them first, and all.

  8. I would like to thank the Republicans for making my decision such an easy one…

  9. Queen of Spain says:

    Allison perhaps you are unaware that the GOP is trying to paint the democratic women and women like myself as having been the ones to think Palin working is bad. When we’ve done nothing but defend it. This link is to show that it’s really their own being assholes, and they shouldn’t try to pretend it’s us.

    Thus, their backyard.

  10. That Daily Show clip is quite possibly my favorite thing ever. After the whole “Mother, Moose Hunter, Maverick” quote, of course. I REALLY hope that people who’ve hurried to jump onto the Sarah Palin bandwagon take a step back and research her policy. I’m sure it would give them pause.

    And I hope Allison sees your reply.

  11. Jon Stewart is saving my sanity during this election.

  12. Hurray! I nailed it! (Super big grin!!!)

    On another note, does anyone else think that Sarah Palin is actually George W. Bush, but with less “executive experience” and more lipstick?

  13. The forum is a brighter place tnakhs to your posts. Thanks!


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