I Played Basketball AND Softball. Trump That Palin!

In my home state, where I played varsity basketball for four years, Senator John McCain saw fit to bring up his running mate’s point guard prowess as a qualification on how she will empower women.

Well first let me take a shot at that, and I’ll tell ya, I’m a product of Title IX in our schools, where equal education and equal opportunities in sports really helped propel me into the—I guess into the position that I’m in today where,” Palin said.

McCain then interjected, “Could I mention she was a point guard on a state championship basketball team.”

After the crowd’s applause died down, Palin continued: ‘”Sports were very, very important to me growing up, you know just learning about self discipline and healthy competition and about what it takes to win and even how to graciously lose sometimes. But how to win, that’s what it teaches ya. Now, I was a product of Title IX where legislation allowed that equal opportunity. Now if we have to still keep going down that road to create more legislation, to get with it in the 21st century, to make sure that women do have equality especially in the work place, then we’re there because we understand that in this age we have all got to be working together. I respect you so much that you are a Democrat recognizing that John McCain and me as a team of mavericks understand where you’re coming from, and we can work together on these issues. But yup, equality for women, for all, that’s going to be part of the agenda and I thank you for that question.”

In case you missed that…those are two Republicans touting Title IX and using her point guard experience as how Palin will ’empower’ women if she’s elected.

By those standards, pigs just flew and my vast high school athletic experience, coupled with my new PTA role, qualifies me as the next Queen of the Mother Fucking world. Screw VP, I’m aiming higher.

The 2008 GOP platform has some language not exactly RAH! RAH! Title IX in case you want to take a look. You see the Bush Administration thought it was bad and essentially ordered a review and slammed Title IX.

So by these standards, Palin and McCain are touting their Alaskan point guard to the tune of a program their party tried to eliminate. And there is evidence McCain isn’t even clear on what Title IX actually DOES.


And by the way, I was as small forward. I could, and still can, block out Palin with my hips and steal the ball. And have every intention of doing so in this election.


  1. You always get me so fired up about this election…Thank YOU!
    Also I want to be there when you beat her.

  2. OK, maybe you can get the basketball from her. But don’t forget that she’s armed. 🙂

  3. Sign me up for power forward. Fuck that. I am tired of them saying whatever they think their crowd wants to hear and NOBODY is calling them out or asking them directly do you even know what Title IX is?

    When are the debates?! Maybe that will pull the rug out from under them/GOP and all this foolishness.

  4. Queen of the Mother Fucking World. That’s awesome.

  5. McCain is apparently a delegate from Planet Who Gives a Crap, I guess.

  6. I’ll be like Dale Davis and bump her outta the lane with my big ass.

    Title IX – yes, I too am a product oh wait, all of us of a certain AGE are……soooooooo……I guess we’re ALL friggin qualified to be VP?

    Sweet, I could use a gig.

  7. Just more fodder to remind me of what the Republican ticket and a certain Alannis Morrissette song have in common… It’d be funny if it weren’t so frigging depressing.

  8. I was center and Power Forward we can pick n roll all over her ass! We can put together one hell of a team here.

  9. I didn’t play basketball in school; I played in the driveway, and at 5-9, I know I can block any shot she wants to take.

    And if she wanted to talk softball or volleyball, well, I got game there, too.

  10. SathingtonWilloby says:

    You forget one thing…she’s a God(at least in her mind anyway), she may smote you! hahaha

  11. Queen of Spain says:

    If she’s a God, we’re all doomed and I’m really glad I don’t have religion.

  12. You rock! I want to be Queen of the Mother Fucking World, too! I have a hard time comprehending how it can be that so many Americans can’t see through something so incredibly transparent. I want to scream “Dude! Your emperor has no clothes! Can’t you see that? Or are you just going to stand there and clap with a big grin on your face going ‘Jolly good show’!”


    (BTW — I used your perogie recipe for diiner last night. My very Polish/German husband loved them! So thanks!)

  13. Every time I come across these posts of yours, I so so wish I could vote in your election. I’m sure you know that if us folks in the rest of the world could vote, Obama would most definitely win! Keeping, my fingers & toes crossed and senidng good thoughts, what have you the Dem’s way.

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