Here’s What I Know- the Failed Bailout As Explained By Me

We really didn’t have much money in our 401K or our Roth IRA thingies.

We don’t have anything in savings.

Our 1st and 2nd mortgages were Washington Mutual’s up until last week.

Apparently NO ONE will be able to get a loan anytime soon. For anything. So here’s hoping our washer and dryer holds out another few years.

Partisan whining on both sides is making me crazy.


My daughter wearing a princess dress for 5 days straight, including bedtime, is making me crazier.

My daughter now wearing a new outfit UNDER said princess dress for what I am sure will be another 5 days straight, is making me crazier.

Worrying about the teacher to student ratio is my son’s kindergarten class is making me crazier.

Wondering what we’d do if my husband got laid off is making me crazier.

Wondering how we continue to pay down our debt and afford Christmas is making me crazier.

Wondering when I can get my toes done again, because my husband is convinced there be no more ‘frivolous’ spending again is making me crazier.

Wondering when I can sneak in some new clothes for the kids, not resale shop or hand me downs is making me crazier.

Wondering if I can help my parents out with airline tickets for the holidays is making me crazier.

What’s NOT making me crazy? Watching House republicans blame Pelosi’s ‘tone’ for their nay vote and watching House dems blame partisan bickering. Nope. That’s not making me crazy, it’s just making me mad.

I don’t know if this bail out bill was the answer. I do know I want the asshats in DC to SHUT UP and fix this mess. Now.

Even if that means they have to share and play nice.


  1. It could be worse.

    Your daughter could want a pony. RIGHT NOW. PLEASE?

  2. The whole situation just sucks. What’s the teacher to student ratio for your son’s kindergarten? And, does the teacher have an aide? My son’s class has sixteen kids, one teacher and one aide. He’s afternoon. The morning class has 22 kids.

  3. I hear you, and I add “Wondering how we’ll ever get health insurance again if my husband is laid off, since he has a preexisting condition.” Oh what a royal mess we are in that may delay us even longer from being able to start fixing all our other messes.

    Can we get a higher teacher-congressman ratio to get them to play nice?

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    She does want a pony. and a puppy. RIGHT NOW is implied.

    and right now we’re at 30 students. 2 teachers, an aid and at least 2 parents daily.

  5. I’m suddenly clear on everything. Thank you for the succinct explanation. I think some of that 700 billion should go toward your daughter’s pony.

  6. The savings, the mortgage, the pedi and the Christmas? Could have been written verbatim, by me.
    And this is a little OT but damn, that cute little girl looks just like her mama. Hee! may she grow up to be as passionate as her mama, too.
    When are you coming back to visit KC?

  7. Love it – and seriously – just let her wear the princess dress. She’ll get tired of it, though the new outfit.

    The student/adult ratio in your son’s K class is pretty good, actually. If you’ve got 2 teachers, an aid, and 2 parents, that’s 5 adults to 30 kids. a 1:6 ratio. By NAEYC standards, that’s way above and beyond. Even without the 2 parent volunteers, the 1:10 ratio is considered meeting standards for ratios. The problem you’ve got is group size – NAEYC recommends that Kindergarteners shouldn’t be in groups larger than 24 children. (NAEYC is the National Association for the Education of Young Children.)

    Keeping with the parenting theme, don’t you just want to take these folks in time out and let the mommies fix it? I think we can fix it with a couple of cups of coffee and a maybe a donut or krueller or two.

    BTW – glad to have found your blog via twitter. Rock on, Your Majesty!

  8. Watching House republicans blame Pelosi’s ‘tone’ for their nay vote and watching House dems blame partisan bickering. Nope. That’s not making me crazy, it’s just making me mad.

    Oh lord, yes. Ridiculous, juvenile, and many, many other words come to mind (most of which I’m too polite to say) when I heard that.

  9. My son has 25 students and one teacher for Kindergarten. No aid and only occasional parental help. Help!

  10. All of us in the rest of the world want the US Congressmen to do their job.

  11. I couldn’t agree more. I’m only barely political, and it just bugs me beyond all reasoning that right now, DC can’t seem to lay down the playground styled *neener neeners* and fix this mess!!!!

  12. The solution is to allow the bankruptcies to occur and keep the government out of it. There will be winners and losers. Economic evolution in the purest form.

  13. Sathington Willoby says:

    We all want to be able to buy things in which we think we’ve earned, or deserve. We went to college, got that education, took out all those loans to pay for it, now show me the money…right?! Well, the harsh reality is, is that’s not how it works anymore(or maybe it never did?). We should be thankful that we can pay our rent, and that monthly school loan payment. Pedicures, come on…

  14. My vice isn’t my toes–it’s my hair. I really need to get it done… but it’s $$…

  15. I couldn’t agree more.

    Great post!

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