Keep On Keepin’ On

Today my darling daughter happily cut and colored and painted.

I was watching Sarah Palin/Katie Couric clips…and our Princess Peanut was making caterpillars and puppies and scribbley circles.

Somewhere in between Palin’s many ignorant comments (oh, please-by now if you can’t see her ineptitude, I can’t help you) and me saying ‘yes honey that birdie you drew is great’ my daughter had started clipping her hair.

Self hair cut

Yeah sure, this might be my way of blaming this entire episode of less-than-stellar parenting on Sarah Palin. Why not?

Anyway let me get to my point.

Our home was in a crisis. The 3-year old was in trouble, crying in her time-out chair while I dialed kid salons. But dinner still needed to be made. I couldn’t stop doing the load of laundry already underway. I had emails to answer, a 5-year old wanting spongebob and the UPS guy was ringing my door bell.

Life had to go on.

Keep in mind my daughter and I are now pretty pissed off at each other. She’s ticked that she’s in trouble and now getting a REAL haircut. I’m ticked she cut her own hair and now won’t cooperate while I try and get it fixed.

But life had to go on.

In the end, her hair was fixed and it was painful. I had to hold her while my wonderful hairdresser and friend worked her magic in my kitchen. It was a bitter pill to swallow for our tiny girl who found a haircut to be equal to torture.

But life had to go on.

The United States economy needs to go on. It really does.

If we’re lucky it will turn out as cute as my daughter’s hair.



  1. Your hairdresser friend is great, your Princess is adorable anyway, but the bob is soo cute. I am still chuckling though. She is too clever by far.

  2. She looks like a budding journalist! (Seriously, adorable!!)

    I waxed political for you this morning, young lady. xo

  3. That is one great haircut! She looks really elegant.

  4. She seriously looks so adorable with her hair cut like that!! Too cute!

  5. Economy aside, I shuddered when I got to the part about her cutting her own hair. My oldest son did the same thing — the day after I ‘d had his hair cut. He woke up, it was standing on end, so he took a pair of scissors and cut it. Right in front, and right at the hairline.

    Buzz cut ensued. I was pissed for days.

  6. Ha! My niece did the same thing at that age. Only she cut her bangs so that they were less than an inch long.

    Your friend did a great job. Very cute hair cut. 🙂

  7. Ohhhh, Ow. However, she looks beautiful!

  8. I had to share. My DD (age 3) walked in and said, “That girl is dead?”
    Has someone been watching too much TV?

    I said, “No, she is sleeping.”

    we then had a irrelevant conversation about the fact she was sleeping at her house and NOT at our library playground.

    CUTE hair!

    Enjoy the fun tonight!

  9. We have so experienced that very same trauma, but her hair is much cuter than my own daughter’s 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy.

  10. I can’t wait to see what C does to his hair when he finally gets sick of the DOUBLE cowlick he has just above a THIRD one. On his best day, he looks like a really good Alfalfa.

  11. Funny. I think most kids have tried cutting their own hair at one time or another (or a siblings).

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