I’m Just Going to Sit Back

and let Senator McCain talk


  1. Wow. Go Des Moines Register, asking the right questions and letting him go on like that. The McCain campaign obviously has three talking points on Palin’s experience, and when cornered will just keep awkwardly repeating them.

    It’s kinda painful to watch.

  2. Wow. Keep talking McCain. You’ve got it all covered. Ha!

  3. Christopher Welle says:

    Yup just shows him for what he really is.

  4. Did ya notice the title of the book over his left shoulder? I bet someone planted that there.

  5. What. A. Dick.

  6. OMG, watch the end of that second clip, and listen to how he just SPITS the phrase, “I respect your opinion” through his GRITTED TEETH, like it causes him physical pain to say it.


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