You Really Can Vote However The Heck You Like

If you are anything like me (and god help you if you are) you’re a big ball of mess over this election.

So instead of a typical Erin post about those pesky ‘issues’ or ‘candidates’ I’m going to have some fun today. Why? Easy…

I can’t take it anymore.

If we talk about those ‘issues’ or ‘candidates’ (imagine those as John McCain-esq air quotes) I’m going to bite your head off, you’re going to bite my head off. We’re going to argue, debate, not see eye-to-eye…whatever you want to call it today.

It’s gotten so bad for me that I remarked on Twitter (I am over there a lot, it’s a disease) that I’m really too tired to argue anymore. I’ve just started giving people the finger.

Tell me Obama is a socialist? Flipping you the bird.
Allege Obama is antisemitic? Single digit salute.
Attempt to tell me McCain is the pro-woman candidate? You’re getting my middle finger high and proud.

NonProductive. Immature. Totally uncool of me. But I’m telling you I have nothing left.

As the editor PRODUCING BlogHer’s political coverage this is a bad, bad thing. So it just seems safer for me to avoid you all until Tuesday, when my head is back on straight, people are voting, and no one can do any lobbying. No offense, but I’ve seriously given you all I have for a good year now and I’m spent. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally.

How about today we just laugh? I mean, it can be done. Let’s just hang out and laugh about politics. Maybe even watch some super talented kids who’ve already been featured in Time, on CNN and hey, by our own CE Nordette.

I dare you not to sing that all day.

If the kids aren’t doing it for you, how about food?

Homesick Texan is making HOPEcakes. Tee hee hee. Awwww, come on McCain supporters, if you can’t enjoy the play on words at least enjoy them with syrup.

Karina’s Kitchen is cooking up some political love too. She’s waxing poetic over stuffed cabbage.

When the outside world has turned on its axis and flirted with the taste of hate and the ancient flame of violence is paraded as piety, when the color of your skin or your eyes or your state divides you from your neighbor and you tread in a stew of suspicion and anger- let go, Brother. Just breathe, Sister. Trust the faith you so fervently kindle. If your faith is true and clear will it fail you? Or will it blind you? Loosen your grip on your assumptions. Listen as a child, aware of the bigness, the intricate complexity. Think about the stars and how your very atoms are stuff of the universe. Beware of darkness.

Choose hope. Stuff a cabbage leaf. Vote for change.

Alright if the cute, singing kids aren’t doing it for you and the food isn’t either…how about puppies?

See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

There you have it my fellow BlogHer’s. My feeble attempt to make you smile, and avoid flipping you all off.

See you at the polls.

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  1. I like this idea. The election has run its course and these last few days wont make much difference in terms of any candidates chances. Let’s just sit back and watch with some perspective until its all over.

  2. Love the video of the kids! I watched it 3 times already. I voted early and have been a little Ball O’Nerves since then. Thanks for calling recess so we could all go out to the playground for a while. Heck, I’m thinking about playing hookie from reading, watching, cursing at any more nasty smears from the McCain/Palin ticket. If anyone tries to drag me into one more conversation spouting McCain’s Smear BS, I’ll just follow your lead and fly my bird. ’nuff said.

  3. I, too, blogged about this amazing video on my office’s blog:

    I adore it. I watch it at least four times a day. It’s incredible.

    Know what else will be incredible?
    Here’s HOPE-ing.

  4. Excellent points. This has been a draining process and enough is enough. Bring on November 4 and let’s move forward.

    Love your tweets, by the way.

  5. Cathy in Miami F-L-A says:
  6. I like your ‘tude. I need to resign to having only the finger left for a select few. I lost a good friend of 5 years over this years election because she tried to cram her beliefs down my throat and I finally stood up and said enough is enough.

    It’s been a tough year all around – I’ll be glad when it’s over and the change is taking place.

  7. I too felt this way several times during this campaign. I am glad it’s over and even happier that Obama go it. Thanks for the videos, they were great. Next time something like Prop 8 comes up again, we use puppies to fight it. 🙂 They can say no to the gays but not to the puppies.

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