Said to the nice, unsuspecting, stunned cashier at a major department store:

“I have muscles in my VAGINA!”

Farmers market fun


  1. My daughter loves to talk about her vagina in public, too. She also fills the world in on exciting tidbits about her baby brother’s penis. At least they’re not ashamed of their bodies, right?

  2. Heaven help us, and what was the cashier’s reply?

  3. “uh huh” and went on scanning the items

  4. That girl takes after her mother.

  5. Now that one for the baby book! Haha! Priceless!

  6. that. is. awesome!

  7. KAREN IRVING says:

  8. Sometimes I wonder how early is too early for sex ed. LOL.

    If it’s any consolation, I’m told my former brother-in-law, when about that age, once shouted at a zoo that the elephant had a HUGE PENIS! (he was referring to the trunk).

  9. LOVE that girl!

    Now you just need to teach her the follow-up … “And if you get anywhere near it, it will squash you like a bug!”

  10. *snort* That’s awesome! Did the cashier respond “Me too!” She should have. LOL

    My oldest once explained to everyone in the grocery store that babies come out their mommy’s vagina. Kids can be so informative.

  11. Not only does she look JUST LIKE YOU, but she has your unabashedness.

  12. That is 100% awesome.

  13. Oh that is fantastic! I love it!

  14. Love it!

    My friend’s kid told the clerk that her mom had hair on her begina. How awesome.

  16. I love how kids can just spew out the most embarrassing stuff in public… My 4 year old, after watching me deal with a HORRIBLE bout of the flu a couple months ago told a bunch of random strangers (3 or 4 different times) to “keep out of the way of the bathroom. Momma needs a straight shot in case she has to poop again.”

  17. At least she’s accurate!

  18. An early start on kegels! Smart kid?

    Love this.

  19. I so have to laugh! Bahhh. My daughter recently told me after sitting and rolling on a ball that it felt good on her vagina. My husband passed out. I snickered.

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