I’m the Squishy one

My daughter drew a picture of me today.

I’m the fat one.

Hala's drawing of Mom and Dad. I'm the fat one

I asked her why I was so much bigger than “Daddy” next to me…she said “Mommy you are bigger than Daddy…and squishier.”


It’s true. I haven’t been very careful about what I eat lately. I also haven’t been very active. Like most women, I get on kicks and the weight goes up and down. It used to not matter. I used to be able to handle these “phases” without much as a pant size change.

Not anymore.

I will admit it’s frustrating. But I refuse to obsess over it.

Right now I’m up. And you know what…I’m ok with it.

My daughter can find me squishy and 10 minutes later tell me how beautiful I am.

I am going to change some bad habits I’ve gotten into lately, but not because of the jean size…but for my health. I’m not going to watch the scale, but I will watch how long I sit and do nothing.

If that comes with another pant size change, then so be it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    you can do it!

  2. Now repeat after me: “I am drop-dead gorgeous!” Say it every day. And….kids love squishy moms.

  3. My kids tell me they like that I’m ‘fluffy.’

  4. Squishy does not mean bad…it means soft and wonderful 🙂

  5. Good for you!

    No assvice intended, but I’m trying the 5-factor “diet” that Hollywood is so crazy about and I feel good physically as well as proud of my eating habits. I’m losing slowly, but I like the direction this all is going. Use this info (or not!) as you wish.

  6. Oh, yeah, I’m squishy too. But you are a better person that I am, because it bothers me – sometimes more than others, like when I have to shop for pants, or when I got to an event… because in NYC it’s even more uncomfortable to be heavy. And yet, I still have trouble sticking to a diet.

    Right now I have BlogHer to motivate me to exercise 🙂

  7. That was a heart warming post! I’m sure you can do it. My mom says that everybody should look in a mirror every day and say three times “I am drop-dead gorgeous”. I’m pretty sqishy myself, so it keeps my body image at a healthy level.

  8. I think RJ’s mom might be on to something 😉

  9. Or maybe your daughter needs drawing lessons.

  10. How precious and hilarious is that??? On the upside your smile is much bigger than Daddy’s.

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