I Will Turn This Car Around

I just drove 5 hours with the kids and nothing went wrong.

Everyone was great. No one complained. No one had to pee 59 times. In fact only once did I hear “Are We There Yet?”

I’m not really sure what to make of all this, and am rather confounded. So just look at this cute photo of my daughter while I shake my head.

Oh, she’s saying “Daddy, Oh…hi Daddy. Yes, we’re here. Yes, Mommy drove fast. Yes, it was silly. Ok, bye.”

On our way to dinner and this one calls dad on her princess cell


  1. Hi, She looks totally gorgeous on the picture.
    Hello, What is your name pretty girl??

  2. Confess! What drugs did you use?

  3. Congratulations. I’ve heard of that happening, but I always thought it was a myth.

  4. YAY for successful and not-hellish drives!

  5. We’ve been doing the 5-hour drives routinely since the kids were infants. It actually can be done painlessly, though I have to say, when the kids are still in the midst of potty-training hell, those trips can be eventful. 🙂

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