An Open Letter to iCarly

Hi Carly (aka Miranda Cosgrove),

It appears you are my son’s very first crush. He’s 6.

As a mother, I, of course, have some concerns. But overall, I’m ok with you being the object of his desire.

He seems to think you are prettiest and funniest girl on the planet and even drooled (no really, with real drool) when he saw your DVD on the shelf at the store.

You are the reason his father taught him the phrase “humminahumminahummina,” and for that, I apologize.

You’re a web chick (in theory), you don’t wear revealing clothes, you seem, by all tabloid accounts, to stay out of trouble.

On camera you stick blueberries up your nose and make chicken soup in a toilet. What 6-year old boy wouldn’t love you?

However, and this is a big however…if you go all Britney on me…I will be forced to ban you, your show, and your network. Harsh, I know…but in this day and age I just can’t risk my little guy’s heart and mind to the wiley ways of a wayward girl. He’ll get enough of that in his real life when the time comes, this I am sure. Hell, he gets enough of that from his own mother. So he really doesn’t need it from the fictional female he adores.

In short, don’t disappoint me. Please.

No pressure, really.




  1. icarly rocks.

  2. freddy is so cute!!!he is so cool!!!!so please get on ICARLY so i can see u…please right back….

  3. i love u!!!!!

  4. Hay does Nathon have a girlfriend and how old is he and what grad is he in.I am only 12 7th grad my birthday is March 16th.

  5. Morgan Maker says:

    hi miranda and jennette i know that when i said i was 9 i completely forgot how old i was and i am 10 not 9. Please dont think that im completely weird because i forgot how old i was.

  6. Morgan Maker says:

    miranda please email me!

  7. Morgan Maker says:

    hey its me Morgan again just wanted to swing by and say Hi!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Morgan Maker says:

    hey its morgan

  9. hi hi hi are you doing to day im good ………………………….

    sophie p.

  10. hi miranda im one of ur biggest fans don,t think that my name is weird im from Emirates but plz don,t say that if im not an english girl i won,t be one of ur fans even my school stuff are all about u i love u so much

  11. Oh my gosh i love icarly and thing that u look so pretty!!

  12. oi

  13. holas solo apos a conoser te adiosbye manda em tu correo ok?
    bye uycdas em frimas

  14. girl u look popin i wish i could be on ur show i’m only 12 years old don’t make a big deal

  15. I love your show you are the best ever

  16. halou carly ant sam ant fredy mai neim is sawa y mai love sam!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i like your web-site

  18. Dear Sam Freeddy and Carly my name is Vanessa im 10 years old and I love your show. It is so cool and your show is so funny your brother is cool his sculptures are great.

  19. hey i`m walwala i`m seven years old i`m your biggest fan your serial is very cooly and it comes very goood things


  20. Miranda me da o seu email!!!!!

  21. carly,
    what is you’re phone number? I want to meet you.
    I live in South Carolina. I’m 7 years old and i love icarly!


  22. PACO CONEJO says:


  23. vc até que é bonitinha,mas seu defeito é a boca

  24. luis ramirez says:

    buen shou les saludo desde guatemala veo el programa diario y ya los vi todos creo que nesesitan programas nuevos son muy buenos.

    carli o miranda eres muy linda graciosa inteligente.
    sigan adelante….. att luis

  25. That is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. hola emviame fotos pliss yes

  27. eu adoro icarly

  28. My kids watch icarly episodes online at

  29. Hey.what’s up me nothing much here at home.
    Just wanted to Say hi.

  30. caly to ss

  31. i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you seriously you are the best and the most beautiful girl of the world you are a hottie girl with a good personality go on ,bring it on!sweeter i always watch your serie bye care you!

  32. what is your phone number my dream is meet you,i would really but really meet you i love you! you are a incredible and beatiful girl im from california pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease answer me only a word

  33. i looooooooooooooooooooooooove you !

  34. me encanta tu programa es el mas visto en bolivia yo soy de la ciudad de la paz soy niña tengo 11 años forman un grupo increible de amigos les mando muchos saludos y besos carly,sam,freddy y spenser

  35. hey carly were do you live i live at 16 gail grove crt. oh and say hi to sam and freddy for me. and i am 7 years old. please rite back.

    thanks, chantel moynihan

  36. oh by the way i loooooooooooove yoooouuuuuuu!!!

  37. and what is your phone-number!!!

  38. my sisters name is brianna moynihan

  39. hi carly!
    it is brianna moynihan…..
    i just watch your show all the time!!!
    and sam you are soooooo AWESOME!!!!!!
    and also i am 12 years old and i live in brampton canada ontario!!!

  40. i love you so much

  41. Dear Icarly
    I am a big fan of Icarly.I watch ya’ll all the time.Ya’ll rock.

  42. eu adoro ver o icarly na sic.
    eu gosto da SAM ela e muito especial.Mas eu gostava que elas viessem a portugal.

  43. i looooooooooooooooove carly

  44. hey marinda im justin bieber remember marinda when we were on the stage togehter in my head all i had on my mind was you marind

  45. hey marinda sorry about justing bieber its a fake its all a scam ilove you marinda im 14 and for bounus im ********* HOT

  46. me encanta Icarly por q es divertido y ella es muy bonita canta bien y es muy pero muy bonita y tambien sale en zoey 101 como peach jaguar la una niña de 13 años pero espense,sam,freddy y carly son muy grasiosos y muy divertidos los quiero mucho tqm y sin muy grasiosos q sigan asi jajaja.!!!!!!!

  47. U Look AWESOME Carly aka Miranda


  49. DEA SIR

  50. hay i love your how

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